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Sasse announces new Strategic Enrollment Management Taskforce

Ben Sasse Press Conference
Thought Leader: Ben Sasse
May 24, 2023

UF President Ben Sasse announced the formation of a Strategic Enrollment Management Taskforce in a press release Tuesday.

The taskforce will assess a broad set of issues related to undergraduate enrollment, including academic programs, physical learning spaces, digital delivery and residential housing, according to the release.

“The taskforce will consider the market for, and perceptions of, the UF undergraduate programs, out-of-state tuition relative to peer institutions, demand at peer institutions for programs we do not yet have, and our international recruitment funnel,” Sasse wrote.

The taskforce is made up of 10 members including Mary Parker and Raymond Sass, who will serve as co-chairs for the taskforce. Parker and Sass were identified as key members of Sasse’s transition team.

Sass served as Sasse’s chief of staff in the U.S. Senate from 2017 until his resignation in January 2023. He also served as director of the MBA Program at Midland University from 2011 to 2014 while Sasse was university president.

Other members of the taskforce include:

Elaine Turner

Elaine Turner has served as the dean for UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences since 2014.

Elias Eldayrie

Elias Eldayrie has served as the vice president and chief information officer for UF since 2010.

Cathy Lebo

Cathy Lebo has served as the assistant provost and director of Institutional Planning and Research since 2017. The press release also identifies her as university data administrator.

Evie Cummings

Evie Cummings has served as the senior assistant provost and director of UF Online since 2015.

Heather White

Heather White has served as the vice president for Student Life since September.

Ja’Net Glover

Ja’Net Glover has served as the senior director of career services at the Career Connections Center since 2018.

Olga Weider

Olga Weider has served as the assistant vice president and university controller since 2021.

Nicole Yucht

Nicole Yucht has served as the executive director of advancement communications since July.

The taskforce is part of a “broader strategic planning process that will launch this August,” Sasse wrote.

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