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Riley Gaines stops in South Bend as part of her ‘Speak Louder Campus Tour’

Riley Gaines Notre Dame
Thought Leader: Riley Gaines
February 16, 2024
Source: WNDU

On Friday, 12-time all-American swimmer Riley Gaines is speaking as part of her “Speak Louder Campus Tour” sponsored by the Leadership Institute.

Gaines is having discussions about how women specifically in sports have been mistreated over the years and encouraging the next generation to fight for their rights and fairness.

She spoke with WNDU 16 News Now about why she decided to come and visit Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College students specifically.

“It has been a mission of mine over the past year or so to get out in college campuses and engage the youth,” she said. “A few months ago of what went on at Saint Mary’s to allow males who identify as women to their all-women’s institution. Watching this having so many members, students, and alumni reach out to me and speak the injustice of this and how this made them feel. I knew this was a place specifically I wanted to target.”

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