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Peter Zeihan: The US Places Huge Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Thought Leader: Peter Zeihan
May 15, 2024

According to WWSG thought leader Peter Zeihan, Some hefty tariffs have just been placed on many Chinese imports, including electric vehicles, semiconductors, solar panels, and more. This is an attempt to prevent China from dominating industries that the US wants to develop.

China will probably slap some more subsidies on these goods, which will lead to more tariffs and so on and so forth. These Chinese goods might also be hit with some European tariffs, but they’ll likely be smaller and easier to offset with subsidies. The developing world might be in the crosshairs as the next Chinese import market, but some infrastructure buildout will have to happen first.

As China continues along its downward spiral, impacts like these tariffs will have more outsized effects on the Chinese economy.

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