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Peter Zeihan: The Collapse of Russia’s Navy

Thought Leader: Peter Zeihan
November 13, 2023

Naval challenges are nothing new for the former Soviets, but the Ukraine War has introduced some added stressors in the Black Sea. Russia’s inability to unify its naval presence across the four major seas in the region is a bad sign for Putin.

Russia’s vast swath of territory makes it a logistical nightmare to float a navy. Between the conflict in the Black Sea and the strategic loss of the Baltic Sea with Sweden and Finland joining NATO, Russia’s logistical nightmare is only getting worse.

With Russia’s economy highly dependent upon maritime shipments, finding a solution should be a top priority; however, any naval projects diverting resources away from the Black Sea could be devastating.

No matter what move the Russians make, limiting maritime power will have substantial economic impacts. Putin has once again backed himself into a corner, and I’m absolutely okay with that.

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