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Not With Her, But Not With Him: The Women of the *New* GOP

Thought Leader: Tomi Lahren
August 12, 2016
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By Rachael Combe (original source Elle) 

“Donald Trump’s candidacy has been challenging for most Republican women, to say the least. And the GOP has written them off to an epic degree. Rachael Combe talks to the young, conservative female (and male) activists who are looking past November—and are already at work building a Grand New Party

I’m in the Washington, DC, office of Alex Smith, 27, national chairman of the College Republican National Committee—the first woman ever elected to the position. Her national communications director, Carolina Hurley, 24, sits at a conference table in one corner, and Tim Miller, 34, most recently Jeb Bush’s communications director, sits by Smith’s desk. Smith is a well-spoken attorney, Wonder Woman–ish in height and looks, and relentlessly upbeat about the power of free markets. We’ve all been talking about the opportunities for Republicans they see among young people—they love freedom…they have an entrepreneurial spirit…Hillary’s not their favorite—which Smith is trying to capitalize on. I’ve just made the mistake of bringing up that bromide about young conservatives having no heart and old liberals having no brains, thus neatly managing to insult everyone in the room, since they’re all young conservatives and I’m an old liberal.”

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