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North Korea to Provide Russia with Military Aid

Thought Leader: Peter Zeihan
September 15, 2023

Putin and Kim Jong-un finally had their little tea party at the Cosmodrome out in the far east of Russia. Besides boosting each other’s egos and gossiping a bit, it looks like the main discussions revolved around North Korea providing military assistance to Russia in the form of artillery shells.

Since Russia’s war on Ukraine won’t be letting up anytime soon, they need to replenish their dwindling supply of artillery shells. With limited options, Russia will have to settle for outdated North Korean supplies – not quite the pick of the litter here.

What does North Korea get out of this deal? Russia doesn’t have much to offer, but they could transfer some long-range missile tech to the North Koreans…and that’s cause for concern.

Given this deal’s regional and global security implications, countries like South Korea, Japan, China and the US should be worried. Sure, there are sanctions in place, but in all reality, those minor deterrents won’t stop North Korea.

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