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North American Fires Cause a Smoky Start to Summer in the US

Thought Leader: Peter Zeihan
June 14, 2023

Let’s just say that our old friend Smokey Bear wouldn’t be too happy with the Canadians this past week. And these fires are likely only the beginning of a very long summer of low air quality.

We’re getting hit with the trifecta right now. Wildfires (which are as essential a part of BC’s natural ecosystem management as they are to California’s chaparral) in Northern Alberta and Eastern BC, fires (which happen very rarely) in Quebec and the Maritime provinces, and agricultural fires (yearly slash and burns) in Mexico. These are all large enough to cover a vast swath of the US with smoke individually; adding insult to injury, the smoke from multiple fires is overlapping at different elevations.

So can any of this be attributed to climate change? I’m going to say yes…because it’s only June. Some of these fires started in MAY. Barring an unprecedented wet summer, we’ll be dealing with this for months to come.

It may be time to upgrade those filtration systems if you haven’t already.

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