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Middle East ceasefire ‘would not’ be in Israel’s best interest: Scott Morrison

Thought Leader: Scott Morrison
November 14, 2023

Former prime minister Scott Morrison says a ceasefire in the Middle East conflict “would not” be in Israel’s best interest. “It certainly would not and what Hamas was seeking to do was use its information war and its information campaign to put pressure on Israel to do just that so they could regroup,” Mr Morrison told Sky News host Sharri Markson. “I think there is a common sense here that says that Hamas was seeking to apply that pressure to Israel; Israel rightly continued to pursue their very just defence on the terrible atrocities that were committed against them. Mr Morrison said Israel had every right to defend themselves following Hamas’ attack on October 7. “We must remember that this is how this started, this is why this has happened, what we are seeing in the Middle East now is the consequences of Hamas’ atrocities inflicted on Israel, that is why this is happening,” he said.

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