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Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Open Border Fuels Record Crossing

Thought Leader: Mark Morgan
September 26, 2023
Source: Newsmax

Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan on Newsmax Monday railed at the escalating migrant crossings at the southern border under the Biden administration — and the inaction of the United States and the “rest of the world.”

In an interview on “Wake Up America,” Morgan said the United States is on pace “for over 3.1 million total nationwide encounters” in fiscal year 2023 — a 380% increase.

Whether it’s the mayor [in El Paso, Texas] or the mayor in New York, where I agree with them is they’re saying this is a crisis,” he said. “Where my disagreement begins, though, is what they’re asking for — more taxpayers’ dollars to address the crisis after it’s already in the United States rather than put that funding towards securing our border and addressing the crisis before it gets into the country.”

On Friday, CBP released record-breaking operational statistics for August, when there were 232,972 overall encounters — with 181,059 encounters between ports of entry.

According to Morgan, the “open border strategy” of the Biden administration is strictly to blame.

“First they open our borders … actually encouraged, incentivized individuals to come to including from Venezuela illegally,” Morgan said.

“And then once they get in here, then they enacted the last part of the plan was to give them a protected status. And we know the ‘T’ in temporary is not temporary. It’s permanent. This is part of their open border strategy. It has been all along.”

The former border chief also said the United States shouldn’t have to be alone in dealing with the crisis.

“Where is the rest of the world?” he asked.

“Why is the United States the only country that has to be the country to bring in hundreds of millions of people from around the world that want to come to the United States? Where and when is the rest of world going to step up and join in this crisis?”

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