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Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Border Chaos Could Hide Incoming ‘Terrorist Cells’

Mark Morgan on Newsmax
Thought Leader: Mark Morgan
October 9, 2023
Source: Newsmax

Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told Newsmax on Monday that the chaos of the surging number of illegal migrants flooding the United States southern border could hide incoming “terrorist cells” like the Hamas cells activated in this weekend’s attacks in Israel.

“[In] the past 32 months, we’ve had 1.6 million ‘got-aways’ [at the southern border],” Morgan said during “Wake Up America.” [That is] 1.6 million got-aways that we know nothing about. The truth is, we could have a terrorist planning cell in the United States right now planning the next terrorist attack, we would have no idea.”

Morgan said that during the last three years of President Joe Biden’s administration, CBP has apprehended individuals from more than 170 different countries including Pakistan, Serbia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Russia, and China that could pose a security threat to the United States.

“When you have chaos and confusion at our borders, that breeds opportunities for those that want to exploit them to do us harm,” he said. “That’s exactly what we have at our [southern border].”

Morgan said that the idea of having people come across the border without being vetted, that we know nothing about is not a national security risk, is “not being honest” with the American people.

“Think about it. If a single adult male from Serbia comes across our border, do you think we’re getting their history from Serbia,” he said. “Of course, that’s not happening.”

Former Homeland Security Department adviser Charles Marino, who joined Morgan on the broadcast, said that security is directly tied to how tightly controlled a country’s border is.

“I think it shows the importance of not just border control on land, but at sea, and what happens in the skies above,” Marino said. “We’ve seen incursions in all of those areas be allowed to take place here in the United States. We saw it in the air with the Chinese spy balloon. We see what’s going on in the land, and we know that we’ve had incursions from countries like Russia and others in the seas. So, you know this needs to be robust 360-degree border security. No country is sovereign without its secure borders, and no country is safe without secure borders.”

When asked about Biden’s recent comment that a wall at the border does not work, Morgan said that was “a blatant lie.”

“It’s ridiculous. His comments are an absolute, abject, lie,” Morgan said. “We know that the border wall as part of a multi layered strategy of infrastructure, technology, and personnel, when that’s applied in strategic locations along the southwest border, every single measure of success improves, so it’s just a blatant lie here.”

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