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Jury decides Alex Jones should pay nearly $1 billion to Sandy Hook families

Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
October 13, 2022


A Connecticut jury has awarded $965 million in compensatory damages to eight Sandy Hook families and one first responder who sued far-right talk show host Alex Jones for defamation. Erica Lafferty lost her mom, Dawn Hochsprung, who was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary school and ran toward the gunman before she was shot and killed. Lafferty said this moment was “years in the making” and that she wishes she “could just call my mom and tell her about it.” Lafferty, along with three family members of other victims that died that day, join AC360 to talk about what this jury decision means for them and the memories of their loved ones. Plus, a source tells CNN a Trump employee told the FBI about being directed by the former President to move boxes out of a basement storage room to his residence at Mar-a-Lago. This came after Trump’s legal team received a subpoena for any classified documents at the Florida resort. Devlin Barrett, a National Security Reporter for the Washington Post, tells Anderson Cooper more details about the employee’s identity.

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