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Why I Joined the Samasource Board of Directors

Thought Leader: Ben Parr
June 16, 2017
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By Ben Parr (original source Medium) 

“In November 2015, I met V. at the Samasource Ungala in San Francisco. You see, I had to meet her — V. had just spoken about her journey (I’ve changed her name for her privacy).

Before Samasource, she was making less than $1 a day in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. This wasn’t enough to help her with her dream of getting a university degree. Her trajectory in life was halted, simply because of where she was born. But then she told the audience that Samasource picked her up as one of its first employees. She started in data entry, then virtual assistant work, and eventually become a supervisor and manager for Sama. Eventually, she was able to move to California and get a scholarship from Santa Monica Community College.”

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