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Inside the longevity industrial complex

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Thought Leader: Sara Fischer
September 24, 2023
Source: AXIOS

A slew of podcasters are building massive followings and businesses online by exploring the human curiosity about living longer.

Why it matters: Enthusiasm for the topic has grown in recent months as streamers and celebrities elevate the field, which once was confined largely to niche podcasts and books.

What’s happening: Longevity has long been a fantasy of wealthy entrepreneurs trying to invest their way into a breakthrough money hasn’t been able to buy.

By the numbers: The global longevity and anti-aging market is projected to reach $183 billion by 2028, according to business intelligence firm Grand View Research.

How it works: A relatively small circle of longevity podcasters reinforce one another’s reach. Their work then finds its way into the mainstream, feeding the public’s insatiable appetite for content about living longer.

Case in point: The most successful longevity podcaster is Andrew Huberman, an associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford.

Between the lines: Huberman often cites other longevity podcasters, including Peter Attia and David Sinclair, bolstering their followings and businesses.

Reality check: Beyond commonly understood lifestyle practices — a healthy diet, consistent exercise, social interaction, adequate sleep — some scientists say there’s not much out there that’s proven to be effective in extending how long someone can live healthily.

But there’s a lot that can be done to prevent people from getting sick in the first place, he said: “While life expectancy is plateauing in the U.S., health span is shrinking. Health care access is a problem. But even people with good health care are missing out on simple things that could be fixed by and large.”

What we’re watching: Some longevity podcasters tend to hawk similar products and work with the same group of advertisers, including LMNT for hydration, Athletic Greens for nutrition and athlete-focused supplements from Momentous.

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