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Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison set to have a book release in early 2024

Scott Morrison Book
Thought Leader: Scott Morrison
January 9, 2024
Source: News AU

Former Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has secured a deal to publish a book this year, with a contribution from a high profile US politician.

The book, titled Plans For Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness, is set to be released on May 21, two years to the day after Mr Morrison conceded defeat to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the 2022 election.

A special foreword included in the book will be written by former US President Donald Trump running mate and Vice President, Mike Pence.

The book promises to offer an insider’s account of Mr Morrison’s political career and his open commitment to the Pentecostal Christian faith.

The book will focus on Scott Morrison’s faith and commitment to the Pentecostal Christian church.

The former PM’s book is set to be released two years to the day after he lost the 2022 federal election. Picture: Supplied/ W Publishing

The book will have a foreword written by former US Vice President Mike Pence (right). Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP

Mr Morrison secured a deal with W Publishing, owned by HarperCollins Christian Publishing and a Thomas Nelson imprint, which according to their website, covers faith-based nonfiction works.

While the book will deal with Mr Morrison’s political career, the heavy focus will revolve around “pastoral encouragement” which has been a passion for the former prime minister.

“Most politicians write books about what they have done. This is not one of those books,” Mr Morrison writes.

“In writing this book, what was important was not what I did, but what God did for me, how He sustained and encouraged me in good times and bad, from a miracle victory to a crushing defeat, and how his faithfulness over a lifetime had prepared me for these times.”

Mr Morrison secured a deal with a publisher that covers Christian content.

The book is said to have his “honest, vulnerable and reflective answers” to major global events during his time as the 30th prime minister of Australia between 2018 and 2022.

Subjects including cancel culture, identity politics and “deep secularisation” of western societies are all said to be tackled throughout the project.

Details of Mr Pence’s contribution to the book are yet to be released, with the former Vice President as open about his faith, as a born again evangelical Christian, during his time in office.

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