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FedEx Collaborates with Annie Leibovitz to Spotlight and Elevate Small Business Customers

FedEx Annie Leibovitz
Thought Leader: Annie Leibovitz
June 1, 2023
Source: FedEx

FedEx Corp.  partnered with legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz on an iconic storytelling series to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday on April 17. Named Driving Passions, this collection incorporates the power and possibilities of FedEx by showcasing three small businesses that represent the startups, innovators, and legends in the making-individuals and teams intrinsically connected by the innovative FedEx spirit bridging now and the next 50 years. The collection will be available on and on display at the Memphis International Airport.

“This campaign is an opportunity to celebrate our customers-the entrepreneurs and visionaries of tomorrow,” explained FedEx Chief Customer Officer, Brie Carere. “These three FedEx small business customers were chosen to be photographed to serve as a direct reflection of the modern FedEx brand- inclusive, innovative, and intelligent.”

Driving Passions portrait series tells the story of how the visionary founder of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, brings the support and dream of entrepreneurship to small businesses full circle.

“Every day, these entrepreneurs break barriers and change lives with their innovative ideas, commitment to their customers, and products,” added Carere. “These photographs capture their essence in a way that is both authentic and inspiring.”
Lifting up customers has been the company’s top priority over the past 50 years, and it will continue to remain front and center as FedEx moves into the next 50.

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