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Erika Ayers Badan Addresses Her Decision to Leave Barstool Sports

Dave and Erika Speaking
Thought Leader: Erika Ayers Badan
January 16, 2024
Source: BSM

Dave Portnoy took to X to give his thoughts, saying “She was everything I dreamed she’d be and more in a CEO.”

Reports began to surface last night that Barstool Sports CEO Erika Ayers Badan is stepping down from her post.

Today, Ayers Badan sent out an email discussing her departure and also offered some thoughts on a video she posted on X.

“I’m stepping down as CEO of Barstool Sports,” she said. “It’s been a wild, challenging and exhilarating run. I came here almost a decade ago to establish and hopefully grow a Boston based blog into a reputable media and content business. I was the last in a long line of candidates. They either didn’t want the job or didn’t see what it could become. In fairness, I’m not sure I did either.

Since then, the company has grown 5000% in revenue and probably twice that in audience and influence. Out of mayhem (and maybe because of it) we created a miracle and even a machine. We did it our own way, on our own terms, and in our own style. We did it when no one wanted us to or when no one thought we could. We put over $40M in the hands of small businesses on a platform we built in a matter of days. We pioneered something ahead of its time and we delivered enormous value to our investors and partners. Selling a company for $550M and 6 months later for $1 sounds insane and it was.”

Ayers Badan, who has been with Barstool since 2016, continued, “I did everything I came here to do and so much more. We took a lot of turns around the sun but the pirate ship is back where it belongs and is smarter and sharper for all the places it has been. I too am back where I belong and will go find new things to build and grow.

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also one of the best. I gave it my all and I got so much more in return. Thank you for being a part of this, for helping to shape it, for questioning it, and for working with me on it. I am deeply grateful.”

She then concluded her email with, “Let’s stay in touch. Thank you again & Viva la Stool.”

Ayers Badan served previously as chief marketing officer at AOL for two years and as president and chief revenue officer at Bkstg.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy took to X to give his thoughts, saying “She was everything I dreamed she’d be and more in a CEO.”

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