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Anderson Cooper 360º: CNN Exclusive: Bob Woodward releasing new audiobook “The Trump Tapes” with 8+ hours of recorded interviews

Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
October 19, 2022

CNN has exclusively obtained a copy of Bob Woodward’s new audiobook, which includes more than eight hours of the journalist’s raw interviews with former President Trump. The conversations give an insight into the former President’s worldview, including explaining his rationale for meeting with Kim Jong Un and his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel got her hands on the recordings and tells Anderson Cooper about a recurring theme she heard in many of the interviews. Plus, midterm elections are just three weeks away and early voting has already started in some states. CNN Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten joins AC360 to discuss the latest polling and why he thinks it’s “probably going to be a good year for Republicans.”

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