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China’s secret campaign to spy on US and buy influence is exposed

Thought Leader: Newt Gingrich
June 22, 2020
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By Newt Gingrich (original source Fox News) 

“For years, China has invested in American universities in various ways, donating millions of dollars, collaborating with academics, and setting up cultural centers. Each tactic is part of a broader strategy of the Chinese government to compete with the United States by buying influence and conducting espionage at these schools.

Many Chinese contributions are listed as coming from anonymous donors, a practice that experts say is an easy tactic that allows Beijing to penetrate America’s educational system. The issue of Chinese influence on American campuses through investments is alarming, especially because of the lack of transparency.

Fortunately, the U.S. government is ramping up its scrutiny of China’s activities at American universities. The results of the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts have been crucial but troubling, revealing a nefarious campaign by the Chinese Communist Party. To make matters worse, the American people know very little about what China is doing.

I decided to examine this urgent issue in this week’s episode of my podcast “Newt’s World.” My guest is Andrew Lelling, the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts. He is at the forefront of the government’s efforts to counter the Communist Party’s influence at our educational institutions.”

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