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Business Envy E8: The Biggest Mom Influencer Lori Conway Shares Her Secrets to “Reaching and Keeping Your Audience”

Thought Leader: Ben Parr
November 21, 2022

Ben and Greg talk to the Crazy Busy Mama herself, Lori Conway – a stay-at-home mom of four who grew her social media presence to over two million people across her platforms worldwide! She provides recipes, advice, and comfort to busy moms just like her, and with such authentic and magnetic energy. So many small business owners are either apprehensive about prioritizing a social media presence or unsure about how to grow an audience that attracts real customers. The Crazy Busy Mama walks us through the best practices that lead to her massive success as not only a personality, but an entrepreneur. This episode gets into how to build an audience through authenticity, how to curate content across multiple platforms, and the real lessons that Lori has learned through her crazy busy career. Social media is the new playing field, so DON’T MISS this episode if you want your business to grow online!

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