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British nobility comes to Delray Beach for a good cause

Thought Leader: Fiona Carnarvon
April 9, 2022
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If you’ve watched the critically-acclaimed series “Downton Abbey” you have no doubt admired the breath-taking estate at the center of the storyline.

Highclere Castle in England is the famous setting where it was all filmed.

Friday night in Delray Beach, a gala to benefit foster children highlighted the journey of restoration to bring the castle back to life.

The gala titled “An Evening of Restoration” took place at the brand new Opal Grand Resort in Delray Beach.

The keynote speaker was Lady Carnarvon. The real life Highclere Castle -known around the world as Downton Abbey – is her and her husband’s family home.

Lord and Lady Carnarvon have been sharing their historic family estate in England with the TV series Downton Abbey and it’s many admirers and fans.

But at the show’s start, Highclere Castle had not been lived in for some time. It was then that Lady Carnarvon began a journey of restoration that re-established Highclere Castle to its former glory.

Highclere Castle is the real star of Downton Abbey and the series’ success helped fund a restoration that will preserve Highclere for the next generation.

Lord and Lady Carnarvon lived with a film crew as well as constant restorative work on the historic estate for several years.

Friday’s gala benefits 4KIDS, which has been providing hope, homes and healing to kids in crisis for 25 years. Lady Carnarvon brought life back to Highclere Castle through people, by bringing tours, special events and more.

The same can be done when people gather around children who need the love and support of their community.

We can restore the lives of local children. When the community invests in rebuilding children’s lives, they experience hope restored…. and ourselves are restored in the process.

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