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Ben Parr Wants Your Attention: Q&A With the Author of Captivology

Thought Leader: Ben Parr
March 2, 2015
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That was the only word in an email from Ben Parr, whom I had emailed a little over a day earlier about setting up a time to chat about Captivology, Parr’s new book about getting noticed in this era of overstimulation and distraction, on sale tomorrow. He was emailing to remind me of the message he had sent with proposed times for our call, to which I had yet to respond.

He had my attention.

Parr has devoted much of his career to grabbing eyeballs in various capacities, formerly as the co-editor of Mashable and now as cofounder of VC firm DominateFund. His author bio describes him as an “expert on attention.” But he’s careful to point out that Captivology is not a how-to for self-promoters.

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