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Author Michael Gorton Reveals Hidden Stories of America’s Past

Thought Leader: Michael Gorton
November 20, 2018
Source: PRWeb

DALLAS (PRWEB) November 20, 2018 — Anyone who thinks history is just stories about a bunch of dead people are dead wrong. Author and serial entrepreneur Michael Gorton brings history to life through his ancestors, who helped to lay the very foundation of American democracy, in FOREFATHERS & FOUNDING FATHERS, launching today (November 20: Brown Books Publishing Group).

An 11th generation descendant of Samuel Gorton, an early settler and civic leader of Rhode Island Colony, Gorton has successfully unearthed an incredible piece of America’s past. Stocked with romance, adventure, and persistence, FOREFATHERS & FOUNDING FATHERS chronicles the trials of 17th century patriots who fought to create the template for America.

“There are so many hidden stories in American history about the roots of who we are and where we came from,” said Gorton.

In 2015, Gorton and his daughter began to research their ancestors the same way so many of us do on “I discovered a lost part of history that needed to be told. In light of the potential impact, I spent significantly more time researching the details and crafting them into the tale,” said Gorton. “The project and the story itself were intoxicating. I think perhaps anyone who has worked on an adventure like this understands how it becomes part of your existence.”

Following the story of hard-working Samuel Gorton and his highly educated wife Mary Maplett, FOREFATHERS & FOUNDING FATHERS recounts their journey from London to the colonies, where they were ostracized and sentenced to death for introducing fundamental principles modern Americans now hold dear. Long after the pioneers’ deaths other notable descendants of Samuel and Mary, included General Nathanael Greene, Captain Benjamin Gorton, Julia Ward Howe, Thomas Edison, John Wayne, and Lucille Ball, who continued to mold the nation.

From Puritanism to the Great Migration, this book enlightens readers, educators, and students on an aspect of history that is largely unknown.

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