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Anderson Cooper 360º: Total solar eclipse sweeps across North America

Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
April 9, 2024

People all over the country stepped outside and put on their cardboard glasses to view an historic total solar eclipse that swept across Mexico, the United States and Canada. An estimated 32 million people who live within the path of totality were able to see the skies dramatically darken. The next one won’t be visible from the contiguous U.S. until August 2044.  Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” shares with Anderson why today’s celestial event was so special. Plus, Special Counsel Jack Smith is urging the Supreme Court to reject the former President’s claims of immunity, and to deny him any opportunity to delay the election subversion trial, saying Trump’s position has no Constitutional grounds. Former Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, who served on the House January 6th Select Committee and former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin join AC360 to break down the Special Counsel’s new filing.

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