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Anderson Cooper 360º: Supreme Court says Trump-era border restriction will remain in effect; Southwest CEO apologizes for canceled flights

Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
December 28, 2022

President Biden responded to today’s decision by the Supreme Court to allow a controversial covid-era restriction on migrants to remain in effect while legal challenges play out. El Paso mayor, Oscar Leeser talks about what this means for his city.

And the storm-related death toll is now at least 54, nationwide with 31, in the Buffalo area alone. Buffalo saw nearly four feet of snow and more than 37 straight hours of blizzard conditions. The travel nightmare is not over though, according to flightaware, of the nearly 3,100 cancelations in the country today, about 85% were Southwest flights. Southwest was responsible for more than half of all canceled flights. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called it a meltdown. Southwest’s CEO put out a video statement, apologizing for the mess, and saying this by way of an explanation. Southwest captain second vice president of the Southwest pilots association, Tom Nekeoui joins to talk about the situation.

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