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Anderson Cooper 360º: IDF – 300,000 reservists near the Gaza border

Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
October 12, 2023

Israel has formed an emergency government and war cabinet after Hamas’ surprise attacks that have killed at least 1,200 people and injured thousands more. An IDF spokesperson said Wednesday that 300,000 reservists were “close to the Gaza strip.” On Saturday, Hamas fighters killed Anat Moshe Shoshany’s grandfather and kidnapped her 72-year old grandmother. The only proof of life her family has seen is a video a friend found on social media that shows her grandmother on a motorcycle with the Hamas militants driving through Gaza City. She tells Anderson Cooper she hasn’t heard from her grandmother and says her family is praying she’s safe. Plus, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren joins AC360 to discuss the difficulty of bringing the hostages in Gaza back home safely.

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