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Advice From Mike Pence and His Daughter: ‘Go Home for Dinner’

Thought Leader: Mike Pence
November 20, 2023

A couple of years ago, former Vice President Mike Pence says a good friend of his said he was curious how Pence managed to have a wonderful family while also maintaining a demanding political career. That conversation became the genesis for Pence’s new book, “Go Home for Dinner: Advice on How Faith Makes a Family and Family Makes a Life.”

The book, which Pence co-authored with his daughter, Charlotte Pence Bond, describes what life was like for the Pence children as they grew up, and how their father lived out his commitment to his family.

“I’ve never had to be motivated to work hard,” Pence said during an interview on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

“I am always motivated to try and make a difference in the world for the values that I believe in,” Pence says. “But as we recount in this book, I really do believe that for men and women in the busy lives that we lead today, you have to be intentional about putting your family and your faith first in your life.”

Pence and his daughter join the show to explain how they have kept faith, family, and career in the right order in their lives.

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