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Below are answers to some of our most common questions.

If you still have a question or need assistance, simply call (703) 373-9974 or email us and we’d be glad to assist you!

Why should I use a speakers bureau or WWSG?

Learn about the advantages of using a speakers bureau to book thought leaders for your organization’s events, and why Worldwide Speakers Group is the top choice.

Our commitment to all customers, both domestic and international, sets us apart. Our customers choose WWSG because of our professional, customer-focused service. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and our success stems from their success. They benefit from WWSG’s customized approach to their exclusive event and WWSG’s ability to help them run a successful event. For more reasons why you should partner with WWSG for international events, check out this article.

One easy way to preview speakers is to visit their speaker page on our website. We feature some of the best speakers in the industry. Here you’ll find speaker headshots, bios, highlights, news clips, speaking videos and more. For more personal assistance, let our expert speaker agents quickly assist you by finding the perfect speaker for your audience, budget, and venue. Simply email ( or call us at 703.373.9974 to have someone begin helping today.

Yes, it’s true that we’re one of the leading global lecture agencies, featuring top business CEOs, thought leaders, political & world leaders, humorists, best-selling authors, accomplished executives and industry scholars. It’s equally true that our agency fee is already paid by the speaker via their honorarium, so you’ll never see a separate charge for that. This means we provide you with free consulting services, great recommendations, quality event coordination services, and personalized care. Best of all, our agents have placed thousands of speakers around the world so there’s no better place to explore your speaker options.

We pride ourselves in the service we provide to our speakers and clients – and we’d like to think we’re consistently the best at what we do. Just some of the “white glove” services we provide includes: end-to-end event planning; event strategy and logistics; all speaker and event itineraries; pre-event calls and planning; coordinated travel and logistics; and personalized attention-to-detail throughout. It’s a major differentiator and the reason we consistently deliver leading, successful events and speakers.

We’ve placed thousands of speakers around the world, including: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Steve Wozniak, Henry M. Paulson Jr., Nancy Brinker, Russell Simmons, Shawn Achor, Newt Gingrich, Erik Wahl, Sheila Bair, Pat Riley, Carly Fiorina and more. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, colleges & universities, top associations, and leading public lecture series. Our speakers dominate the headlines and yet the only news we focus on is the speaker buzz we generate when we help to create a spectacular event.

How do I select the right speaker for my event?

Let us guide you along the entire journey of selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming event. Worldwide Speakers Group staff are here to give you advice and recommendations from beginning to end.

Your business and event objectives, as well as your budget, often drive the speaker options we present to you. Obviously, we will always try to find the perfect speaker for your audience, budget, and venue. It’s not atypical for some clients to have a specific idea as to the type of speaker or entertainment options for their specific event. The more we hear about who you may like and what’s worked best in the past the better it is for presenting you with great options to ensure continued success.

Corporate clients, colleges & universities, public lecture series and associations often present varying objectives, budgets, and strategies – based on their particular industries. As one of the industry leaders, we understand the best practices for each unique environment, which helps to determine the optimal speaker options to present. Understanding these industries, clients, and audience types is important for continued success and also for creating successful event experiences that will last a lifetime.

What’s important when you’re selecting a speaker? What’s important is that you work with a reputable agency that has a lineup of well-known exclusive speakers (exclusively booked through that agency), as well as strong relationships with hundreds of additional, premier speakers that they frequently book throughout the year. From Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Steve Wozniak to Henry M. Paulson Jr., Erick Wahl, Newt Gingrich, Carly Fiorina or Nancy Brinker, clients consistently love our speakers. With us, we’re never more than a phone call away from any speaker we need to reach. That’s the difference that experience and being an industry leader offers to our clients.

Which planning tips will maximize success?

Let Worldwide Speakers Group give you the best tips and tools for successfully choosing your next keynote speaker.

If a best-selling author is being considered for your next event, avoid disappointing audience members by not having the author’s book available at the event (either for purchase or pre-purchased, beforehand). Author signings are also extremely popular, although not all authors relish this, so it’s important to set those expectations upfront. To learn more, please visit our Resource Center and download our complementary Top 6 Ways to Double Speaker Value best practices document.

The right celebrity entertainer or band can often connect with audiences in special ways, to create a truly unique and memorable experience. Emcees and moderators can also significantly enhance an event. And, when you’re booking your next speaker, why not set up a special reception for VIP guests or an add-on service that will deliver incremental high value at a relatively minor cost? These are just some of the ideas our speaker agents often end up sharing, while helping to plan your perfect, next event. We begin with your budget and objectives and then try to help to deliver a metaphorical “home run.”

Once the needs of your audience and your event objectives have been determined, pre-event planning calls are a great tool for fine-tuning itineraries and setting expectations with the speaker. Professional speakers are tremendous allies and part of what you are paying for in a speaker are the hours they spend for research and preparation. That’s where it’s great to also have a partner like us, as we understand the importance of these calls and are experts at facilitating them to set expectations and ensure that everyone is on the same page, in terms of how the event is to be structured.

A benefit from having placed thousands of speakers around the world – and working with some of the industry’s most respected meeting planners – is that our “Best Practices” are grounded in real-world experience. As a complementary service, we share these best practices documents, as well as great thought-leadership articles, as we know that smart thinking, sound processes and great speakers can often make or break an event. Simply click here to access our Resource Center, which we regularly update with new Press Releases, articles, and Best Practices documents.

What costs should I expect and where can i save?

Let Worldwide Speakers Group guide your purchasing journey and share our expertise about the costs of booking a leading keynote speaker.

Travel costs are one of the expenses related to booking speakers and finding a speaker close to your event is one way to save costs. For instance, we have hundreds of speakers located nearby popular event cities including: Washington, D.C.; New York; Las Vegas; Boston; Chicago; Phoenix; San Diego; San Francisco; Miami; and Seattle, to name a few. We commonly take this into consideration and highlight cost saving opportunities when we present you with your speaker options

More affordable speaker options is one of the best, hidden “gems” of the industry. We’re in the speaker business so we get to see which speakers are wowing audiences and are on a meteoric rise – and which ones are more affordable than others. These more affordable speakers are sometimes best-selling authors or living in the news but, often, they’re captivating and connecting with audiences on levels exponentially beyond what most speakers do. Again, when we present various speaker options, you’ll get to hear which great speakers may cost less…an added advantage for any event planner.

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