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WWSG Thought Leaders Address the Russo-Ukrainian War

March 2, 2023

With the city of Bakhmut in jeopardy, the Russo-Ukrainian war is top-of-mind for everyone. Our thought leaders with experience in geopolitics and security have lent their perspectives to news networks and other media outlets in efforts to shed light on the war’s current standing, hypothesize on its future, and identify potential implications for the United States.

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WWSG Exclusives • Mark Esper and John Roberts:

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper responds to President Biden’s first address to the American people on the four flying objects nearly two weeks after the first Chinese spy craft was shot down on America’s Newsroom with John Roberts. Watch the Clip

WWSG Exclusive • Evan Feigenbaum: Freezing up Russian reserves, asset freezes, all sorts of bans, trying to do price caps on Russian oil — the Chinese now have to expect that that’s coming at them in the event, for example, that they decide to attack Taiwan. And for that reason, they will be looking to try to mirror Russia’s approach in trying to sanctions-proof its economy. Listen to the Podcast

WWSG Exclusive • Josh Kraushaar: “Republicans are increasingly divided over American support for Ukraine: The party’s traditional hawkish voices face a loud array of anti-war voices from the MAGA wing of the party led by former President Trump.” Read More

Ian Bremmer: “Ukraine is in a position where they can lose a lot more than they have lost already. The Russians, on the other hand, cannot win on the global stage. Their economy will be more and more constrained over time. Their security position will be worse and worse over time. That is all about Putin’s own misjudgment.” Watch the Clip

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