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Three C’s to Consider when Hiring a Speaker

October 22, 2019













Why hire a professional speaker? While influencing and empowering your audience becomes more important as the world becomes more connected, in a digital first economy, your words can be heard in almost any moment your audience desires. Whether its via telepresence, podcasts, MOOCs, webinars and video, content can be streamed or viewed in any country. The real difference is being heard vs. being engaged. While engagement on a device has a role, it comes with the risk of many distractions, interruptions and competition for attention. For this reason, hiring a trained and experienced thought leader remains the most powerful way to inspire and completely engage organizations and audiences.

Public speaking is viewed as an art form as keynotes, speeches, debates, fireside chats and moderated talks have the power to motivate, educate and empower audiences. Speakers with remarkable knowledge and passion can leave an impression on individuals that may continue to inspire long after the event has ended. A speaker is viewed as a change agent, they motivate tangible and direct action. Hosts energize their event through thought leaders that align with their principles and objectives and deliver an experience that reflects their goals. While the average professional speech is about one hour, that one hour has the power to change the dynamics and legacy of an event and positively engage action of an entire organization.

As you look to hire a speaker these are the “three C’s” to consider:


Providing relevant content for an event is essential for success. As professional speakers are experts in their field, they have the relevant content and expertise, timing and tone to engage an audience, maintain the crowd’s confidence and tailor the message to specifically align to an organization’s philosophy and mission. They know what prep work is required to strengthen their targeted message and what to expect…easily pivoting to keep audiences engaged and delivering perfect content that parallels the event’s theme.


A well-known speaker may seem costly at first and you may initially wonder if the fee is justified. Depending on the speaker’s experience, the length of the event, or the audience size, fees can vary widely. Pinpointing the right professional speaker for your event requires a partnership that includes a professional Speaker’s Bureau to help facilitate the perfect partnership with a well-known thought leader. Remember to think of a speaker’s notoriety as an asset. This notoriety helps with filling seats and expanding your brand’s reach and increasing your event’s ROI.


Lastly, confidence is key. Confidence is driven through the Speaker’s Bureau that you work with. Experience, ability and the connections to find the perfect speaker to work within your organization’s event parameters is paramount. That then drives confidence that the thought leader will work in concert with your goals to deliver a memorable event. And most importantly, the confidence that your audience will be engaged and leave your event feeling motivated, educated, inspired, and satisfied with the fulfilling experience your event promised to give.

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