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Top Workplace Speakers (Part 1 of 3)

July 7, 2021

To go back to the office or not to go back to the office–that is the trending question.

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…And it’s a complicated one. The coronavirus forced companies to adapt, embracing a virtual work model that kept them from nose-diving into irrelevancy. Now that returning to the workplace has become a reasonably safe option to consider and implement, choosing the best path forward for your company can be a difficult decision. The challenge lies in acknowledging that there are positives to both sides. Remote working can save companies money on office space and supplies and enables workers to be available outside the standard 9 to 5, while the decades-long office standard fosters close bonds between coworkers and allows new or younger employees to learn through direct observation. Weighing the company’s needs against input from its employees leaves those in senior-level positions with a challenging decision, and in some cases–a predicament.

Luckily, WWSG offers many influential thought leaders who can inspire and energize audiences of professionals, as well as speak on topics like productivity, the future of work, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These speakers will prove to be both timely and highly beneficial to your company culture during periods of adjustment. Best of all? Whatever you decide, our thought leaders offer both virtual and in-person speaking options.

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Pictured: Mark Esper, Seth Mattison, Daymond John

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