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White House Administration & Cabinet Members to Watch (Part 2 of 3)

June 15, 2021

WH Email Part 2

WWSG exclusively represents an array of accomplished administration officials, all with their own unique blends of experiences that led them to the White House. These outstanding speakers lend insight to audiences in the forms of leadership coaching, management techniques, and of course, and insider’s perspective about what it’s like to participate at the highest levels of United States governance.

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently led the White House Coronavirus Task Force, combatting the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic by driving American innovation in testing, medical supplies, therapeutics, and the development of safe vaccines. He also supported many other legislative accomplishments and renewed America’s commitment to space exploration during his tenure in office. Pence is now a distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation and chairman of Advancing American Freedom.

Elaine Chao most recently served as the Secretary of Transportation from 2017-2021. Secretary Chao speaks to the impact that current events and major economic trends have on organizations around the world. Candid and thoughtful, she provides audiences with strategies to enhance their organization’s effectiveness as she draws from her unique perspectives and experiences. Fluent in diplomacy, geopolitics, macroeconomics, innovation, and diversity, Secretary Chao brings a 360-degree view to the issues of today and the future.

Robert Redfield most recently served as Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, advising the nation during one of the most tumultuous and fast-paced scientific discovery environments of our time. He now uses his expertise as a virologist and infectious disease physician to advise on healthcare-related issues to audiences worldwide as well as acting as the public health advisor to the state of Maryland.

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