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November 22, 2021

‘Tis the season for celebrating… which may also bring long rides on trains, planes, and in automobiles. If you’re searching for a new, interesting book or a thought-provoking podcast to take with you, look no further. These selected works from Worldwide Speakers Group thought leaders will both enrich and entertain. To learn more about hosting these speakers at your next conference or engagement, Contact Us.

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Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz

Released November 17, 2021

Iconic American Photographer

“Looking back at my work, I see that fashion has always been there,” Annie Leibovitz observes in the preface to her new book, Wonderland. “Fashion plays a part in the scheme of everything, but photography always comes first for me. The photograph is the most important part. And photography is so big that it can encompass journalism, portraiture, reportage, family photographs, fashion… My work for Vogue fueled the fire for a kind of photography that I might not otherwise have explored.”

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chasing-life-square-lChasing Life | Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Podcast

Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN; Multiple Award-Winning Journalist, Author and Neurosurgeon

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is on a mission to help us approach our new normal mindfully, finding a balance between self-care and productivity, and talking to doctors and researchers about the surprising science behind how we can thrive. It’s time to chase life again.

Recent Episodes: Giving Kids a ShotBreaking Up With Your Bad HabitsFacing Your Fears

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ianIan Bremmer Explains | GZERO World

President, Eurasia Group; Leading Expert on Global Economic and Political Risk; Acclaimed Author, The J Curve

In the Ian Bremmer Explains series of videos for GZERO Media, Dr. Ian Bremmer uses an under-5-minute format to address current issues like the nuclear arms race, COP26, the global economy, and big tech companies. Subscribing to his videos is a simple and entertaining way to stay abreast of world news. For a deeper dive, don’t miss his recent Foreign Affairs article, The Technopolar Moment.

Ian Bremmer’s Speaker Page >>

Book_From Impressed To ObsessedFrom Impressed to Obsessed by Jon Picoult

Customer Experience and Leadership Expert; Advisor to CEOs; Author; Founder, Watermark Consulting

In From Impressed to Obsessed, acclaimed customer experience expert Jon Picoult explores the cognitive science behind great customer experiences, pinpointing the breakthrough psychology-based strategies that both industry leaders (like Apple, Disney, and Southwest Airlines) and fast-growing startups (like BILT and Framebridge) use to shape people’s perceptions and sculpt unforgettable impressions, thereby turning more sales prospects into customers and more customers into obsessed brand ambassadors.

Jon Picoult’s Speaker Page >>

atlDavid Frum’s Articles | The Atlantic

Political Analyst; Senior Editor at The Atlantic; NYT Bestselling Author, Trumpocracy & Trumpocalypse; Former Speech Writer for President George W. Bush

David Frum is one of North America’s leading voices of dispassionate, analytic, and independent conservatism. His articles in The Atlantic have been hailed as the most prophetic and insightful studies of U.S. global leadership, open international trade, and democratic institutions.

Recent Articles: Steve Bannon Knows Exactly What He’s DoingRevenge of the DonaldWhere’s the Cheap Beef?

David Frum’s Speaker Page >>

The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast - Main GraphicThe Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast

Renowned Political Leader; National Security Expert; Human Rights Advocate and Islam Reformist; Author of International Bestseller, Infidel

“What all my guests have in common is a passion for free inquiry and speech. They are not afraid to explore different perspectives, even if it means challenging their own assumptions or violating cultural taboos.” –Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Recent Episodes: Michael Shellenberger on the Political RealignmentLawrence Krauss on The New ReligionKatharine Birbalsingh on Belonging

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Speaker Page >>

NG_Beyond Biden_196pxBeyond Biden by Newt Gingrich

Released November 2, 2021

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate; Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Best-selling Author

In Beyond Biden, bestselling author Newt Gingrich investigates the driving forces behind an America based upon combined power of government and social acceptance versus the historic values-based America.

Newt Gingrich’s Speaker Page >>

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