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Human Evolution and AI: A Note to Leaders

February 20, 2024

This blog post is written by WWSG exclusive thought leader, Olga Koroleva | Human evolution and AI are interacting to create profound effects on life and work as we know it. The human experience is changing by leaps and bounds thanks to AI. The recent headlines from around the globe make one pause. For example, Chat GPT just got a memory. Sam Altman is raising nearly 8% of the world’s GDP to ramp up chip production, which will substantially increase the capacity of AI development. Nvidia stock surpassed both Alphabet’s and Amazon’s. An AI-generated deepfake video of the late dictator Suharto of Indonesia (the world’s fourth-most populous country) went viral during the election weekend, sparking ethical concerns and questions about voter manipulation. AI ads went mainstream in this year’s Super Bowl, with a bunch of major companies showcasing AI ads at the most-watched event.

With the advent of computers and the internet, we now have access to vast amounts of information at our fingertips, changing the way we think and learn. This may influence the evolution of our cognitive abilities, as our brains adapt to process and utilize information differently. It is also upending the way we build interpersonal relationships and lead teams. Here is what leaders should consider…

Effects of AI on Team Performance

1. New Psychological Challenges

2. Productivity

3. Emotional Regulation

4. Communication

5. Creativity

6. Ethical and Moral Decision-Making

Takeaways for Leaders

Al will continue to affect the evolution of the human brain and behaviors, as well as the way people interact and work with each other.
To address the changes that teams are undergoing due to the fast adoption of AI, leaders and companies can:
  • Establish workplace mental health programs, including employee assistance programs, stress reduction initiatives, and mental health training for managers (especially in tech-centric organizations where recognizing the value of a human being versus a machine becomes even more important).
  • Promote work-life balance and flexible work arrangements to reduce work-related stress.
  • Incentivize employees’ soft-skills development, as this would help create better team leaders (understanding major self-leadership concepts is critical to evolving personal psychological strategies in order to cope with stress and uncertainty)

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