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Guest Post by Paul Nicklen | Have You Ever Experienced the Ocean at Night?

May 8, 2023

This is a guest post by WWSG exclusive speaker, Paul Nicklen.

Have you ever been diving at night? I have just finished watching the movie Avatar II, and my attention was immediately caught by the neon scenes of glowing ocean life. Our ocean’s nighttime seascapes have inspired countless settings in science fiction. Even the most far-fetched scenes aren’t too far off from the truth.

Once the sun sinks below the horizon, the ocean undergoes an extraordinary transformation. Animals that tend to hide during the day stir from their lairs and begin to prowl the ocean floor. Coral reefs come alive with eels, schools of sharks, and a parade of peculiar creatures that turn the seascape into something straight from James Cameron’s fictional ‘Pandora.’ I want to personally invite you to see for yourself the pure magic and scientific marvel of our own planet—an underwater world more complex and beautiful than anything you could imagine.

It would mean the world to me if you visited the link below for a six-minute dive into the heart of nature’s most delicate artistry, only visible at night. You do not need to leave Earth to find the alien worlds of your wildest imagination. We are already part of a vast, unexplored web of life that is so, so very worth protecting. I will see you there, my friend, in our latest A Sea of Hope episode “Neon Nights; Diving into the World of Biofluorescence.”

Thank you for always standing with me on this journey to safeguard our ocean.

With gratitude,

Paul Nicklen

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