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Carly Fiorina Teaches True Leadership By Example

December 3, 2018

Carly Fiorina is in a class of her own. A true leader who worked her way to the CEO Office, she utilized her passion, problem-solving and entrepreneurial gift to become the first woman ever to lead a Fortune 500 Company.

Ms. Fiorina’s experience spans from starting out as a secretary for a 9-person real-estate business to CEO of Hewlett Packard, where in partnership with her effective leadership, revenue grew, innovation tripled, growth quadrupled, and HP became the 11th largest company in the U.S.

Now, Carly Fiorina is taking on a new challenge, one that will help others benefit and succeed through her example. Carly has already shared her talents and experiences with audiences around the world through her unparalleled motivational and leadership presentations. Now, she has created her own organization geared towards helping others unlock and realize their own leadership potential and maximize their impact within their own lives and communities. Her organization,  Unlocking Potential, was founded with Carly’s core leadership philosophy in mind: that leaders are made, not born; that everyone has far more potential than they realize; and that people living closest to the problems are best positioned to solve them.

As a top business leader and speaker, Carly Fiorina is one of the most respected and trusted authorities on leadership and the financial status and markets of the global world. Her relationships with other leaders are one of the many reasons she has found such celebrated success, which is why her passion has now found its way to podcasts. In her newly released Podcast Series, By Example, Carly Fiorina sits down with leaders of all types to explore examples of real leadership and the qualities of all great problem solvers. Carly and her team lift up the real leaders: people who are focused on changing the order of things for the better and solving real problems that are right in front of them.

Similar to her style of leadership keynote presentations, this podcast hits the nail on the head; leadership is not about titles or office space, but instead is about people rolling up their sleeves and solving the key issues affecting communities and nations today. The best way for others to learn this, is by example. The world is and will be a better place due to Carly Fiorina’s passion for supporting, creating and maximizing other’s leadership potential.


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