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Captivating Voices: Our Speakers Make Headlines

Speakers in the News Photo Collage
March 4, 2024

At Worldwide Speakers Group, we understand the power of a captivating voice. We choose to represent public and keynote speakers who consistently generate headlines because they possess the unique ability to ignite conversations, spark change, and shape the cultural landscape. These individuals aren’t just delivering speeches; they’re thought leaders, industry disruptors, and captivating storytellers whose every word carries the potential to resonate on a global scale. Our partnership empowers them to amplify their voices, secure high-profile speaking engagements, and reach wider audiences, further solidifying their position as thought leaders and influencers in their respective fields.

Below are some of the WWSG Exclusive thought leaders who’ve been featured in the media.

Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse shaking hands

Former Republican senator and jack-of-many trades, Ben Sasse has been praised for a successful first year as the president of the University of Florida. Faculty and students have made positive comments about Sasse’s energy, new ideas, and willingness to engage on contentious issues.

In addition to his political background, Dr. Sasse is an award-winning historian and a New York Times best-selling author speaks about topics like AI and technology disruption, congressional contrast, and U.S./China relations.

David Frum

David Frum The Atlantic George Bush

Political analyst and historian, David Frum recently published I Wrote George W. Bush’s Cheat Sheets, Here’s What I Learned in The Atlantic. Beginning with the recent murmurs about why President Biden would need notes or cheat sheets to engage in meetings with supporters and donors, Frum describes his position aiding former President George W. Bush with such writing tasks. He concludes with a profound, “Winging it is not a virtue.”

Evan Feigenbaum

Evan Feigenbaum is vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he oversees its work in Washington, Beijing, New Delhi, and Singapore on a dynamic region encompassing both East Asia and South Asia. He recently co-wrote a study called Korea’s Path to Digital Leadership: How Seoul Can Lead on Standards and Standardization. He says, “instead of viewing standards as arenas for Western competition with Beijing, it is essential to look at how other players are evolving into de facto standard setters. South Korea, in particular, is a critical and understudied player in global standard setting.”

Marc Short

Marc Short on Meet the Press

Marc Short, the former chief of staff to former Vice President Mike Pence and a longtime Republican consultant, has been named a contributor to both NBC News‘ “Meet the Press” and CNBC. Short has been a trusted political commentator for several years. Mr. Short’s recent panel appearance on Meet the Press reflects on Ambassador Nikki Haley’s appearance and the U.S. Constitution.

Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson at University of Austin

The visionary historian Niall Ferguson has been busy publishing articles that articulate his opinions within historical contexts. In his latest opinion article for Bloomberg, Ukraine Needs Total Western Support — and So Does Israel, he argues, “both are fighting for Western civilization, one against Russian imperialism, the other against Iranian-backed Islamism. And we should want both to win — not just the one with the longer odds of victory.”

Ferguson has also been vocalizing his viewpoints on higher education recently. In the opinion piece, Why Would British Universities Want to be Like Harvard?, Ferguson opines his confusion over “why any UK institution would want to follow Harvard down the path to ridicule.” He also recently addressed the founding class of University of Austin, of which he is a founding trustee. Speaking directly to student, Ferguson offered analysis of contemporary academia and encouraged the young scholars to embrace the challenges ahead with courage and integrity.

Olga Koroleva

Olga Koroleva | Worldwide Speakers Group

Olga Koroleva’s latest two-part article, Human Evolution & AI: A Note to Leaders has captured the attention of readers. She says, “The human experience is changing by leaps and bounds thanks to AI.” Koroleva details the potential effect of AI on team performance and concludes with advice to leaders, encouraging them to “incentivize employees’ soft-skills development, as this would help create better team leaders,” and “establish workplace mental health programs.”

Sanjay Gupta

Paging Dr Gupta Graphic

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been on the pulse of popular medicine news lately. Her recently met with experts to break down Alabama’s Supreme Court ruling that embryos are children and discarding frozen embryos could result in wrongful death charges. He has appeared on CNN to discuss other current matters, like the results of President Biden’s annual physical exam.

This season of Dr. Gupta’s Chasing Life podcast is themed around weight loss, weight and size misconceptions, and overall health.

Sara Fischer

Sara Fischer Axios Media Discussion

Axios’ Sara Fischer was recently in Barcelona to host an Expert Voices roundtable discussion event that convened experts across several different facets of children’s online safety. The conversation dove into ways regulators, tech platforms, and parents alike are grappling with the issue of keeping kids safe online without upending the entire web.

Fischer is an expert in all-things-media and can address a wide array of topics from pop culture to technological innovation to ethical repercussions of a fast-paced, media-reliant society.

Scott Gottlieb

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, joined CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss how big GLP-1 drugs are likely to be and what could make the drugs hard for insurance not to pay for. He also discussed how to define a rare disease, the number of people affected by them, and how costly rare diseases are on CNBC last week.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a preeminent figure in U.S. health care and policy and a succinct and trusted commentator on the healthcare news of today, including potential impacts of artificial intelligence on national healthcare systems.

At our agency, we don’t just represent speakers, we represent voices that ignite conversations and shape the future. We curate a roster of individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, spark debate, and leave a lasting impact. By amplifying the voices of those who make headlines, we connect them with the right audiences and platforms, ensuring their message reaches a global stage. So, if you’re looking for more than just a speaking engagement, let us connect you with a speaker who will captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.

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