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The Dawn of a New Age?

Historian Niall Ferguson and Azeem Azhar explore the geopolitics of technological revolutions past and present in an effort to determine whether we are in the midst of a historic societal transformation.

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Relevant Health and Wellness Leaders of Today

Some of today’s most important topics include technology’s place within the health industry, COVID’s resurgence, and new drug developments. With longstanding relationships with health care leaders at the top of their fields, Worldwide Speakers Group can connect you with the most prominent and relevant health and wellness thought leaders of today. These health experts have […]

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Chasing Life: The Rested Brain

From work responsibilities to social engagements to family commitments, our days are jam-packed, and it can be tough to give your brain a break. Rest is an important ingredient for good health, but do you really understand why? On this episode of Chasing Life, Professor Victoria Garfield, who studies sleep and how it impacts our […]

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“Fall 2023: Mask Mandates for Students Amidst COVID-19 and Latest Variant Concerns”

Click here to watch: As students return to school, a crucial question arises: Should they be required to wear masks? The answer to this question, like many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, is complex and depends on various factors. To get some insight, Infection Control Today® (ICT®) spoke with Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, a highly respected […]

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For Annie Leibovitz, Photographing Artists Never Gets Old

When thinking of any celebrity or global figure who’s made headlines over the last 50 years, chances are they’ve been immortalized in Annie Leibovitz’s captivating images. So what happens when you give one of the world’s most venerated portrait photographers carte blanche? It’s a question that the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art sought to answer in […]

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