Ward Burton



The Burton name is synonymous with excellence in stock car racing.  Ward Burton made the NASCAR Cup series in 1994 and is today considered one of the all-time best racers on the circuit. He is a leading NASCAR champion, with five Nextel Cup racing wins under his belt, including the coveted 2002 44th Daytona 500 Champion title. In his racing career, Ward has secured 24 Top-5 finishes and 85 Top-10 finishes out of the 356 races that he competed in throughout NASCAR's top series.

Dedicated to preserving the world’s natural resources for future generations, Burton established The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, a pioneer in environmental education and advocacy, resource protection, and habitat restoration.   Lauded by leaders at every level of government, Burton and the foundation have partnered with prominent conservation organizations to develop state-of-the-art environmental and engineering programs that have served as conservation models both regionally and nationally.

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Giving Back Now to Benefit Generations to Come

Ward Burton is committed to a myriad of global environmental policy issues -- from renewable energy to enabling landowners to access federal and state programs that protect their land in perpetuity and allow for the land to be passed down from generation to generation with minimal financial impact. Noted for his extensive knowledge and deep passion, he speaks regularly at the state and national levels, including The White House Cooperative Conservation, and is often called upon by dignitaries to offer advice on environmental policies that affect the United States.

Full-Throttle Conservationist

Accolades and awards for Burton’s ardent advocacy are numerous and notable.  He is the recipient of the 2006 Governor's Award for Clean Air Champion, the 2008 Environmental Leadership Award from Environment Virginia as well as the 2008 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, also in Virginia.  On November 1, 2005, Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner appointed Burton to the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries and he assumed the seat on behalf of Virginia's 5th Congressional District.  Burton has also served as spokesperson for several environmental organizations and initiatives including The Nature Conservancy, USDA Radio and for the Cooperative Conservation program with Disney.



Going Green

With today’s acute awareness for energy conservation, the pioneering ideas and work of Ward Burton and his foundation are timely, approachable and practical for government agencies, organizations and corporations.  Hear first-hand about these state-of-the-art environmental and engineering programs and how they are changing are the future.

Wildlife Conservation

Using a child as a metaphor for the environment, Ward Burton illustrates the poignant point that “it has no voice.” Burton gives voice to exemplary ideas to nurture nature in order for people to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve natural resources for a lifetime.  His innovative ideas and passionate style will inspire and engage any audience.

NASCAR Racing: The Road to Glory

Everyone is born with talent but what sets a champion apart? What is the Ward Burton brand of championship motivation? Hear what impelled Ward Burton to become a NASCAR champ, and how he did it!