Intellectually fearless and a perennial visionary and historian, Newt Gingrich is the foremost economic, social, environmental and political thinker in America today. He is well-known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House for the first time in forty years. After he was elected Speaker, he disrupted the status quo by moving power out of Washington and back to the American people. Under his leadership, Congress passed welfare reform, passed the first balanced budget in a generation, and passed the first tax cut in sixteen years. In addition, the Congress restored funding to strengthen our defense and intelligence capabilities, an action later lauded by the bipartisan 9/11 Commission.

But there is a lot more to Newt Gingrich than these remarkable achievements. As an author, Speaker Gingrich has published twenty-four books including 13 fiction and non-fiction New York Times best-sellers. As a television personality, he hosts CNN’s Crossfire with former Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter. Newt has also become one of the most highly sought-after public speakers, accepting invitations to speak before many of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Because of his own unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Speaker Gingrich is able to share unique and unparalleled insights on a wide range of topics. His audiences find him to be not only an educational but also an inspirational speaker.

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Unwavering Dedication to the Public Good

Newt Gingrich was first elected to Congress in 1978 where he served the Sixth District of Georgia for twenty years. In 1995, he was elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives where he served until 1999. The Washington Times has called him “the indispensable leader” and TIME magazine, in naming him Man of the Year for 1995, said, “Leaders make things possible. Exceptional leaders make them inevitable. Newt Gingrich belongs in the category of the exceptional.”

Health Reform Pioneer

Widely recognized for his commitment to a better system of health for all Americans, Speaker Gingrich’s leadership helped save Medicare from bankruptcy, prompted FDA reform to help the seriously ill and initiated a new focus on research, prevention, and wellness. His contributions have been so great that the American Diabetes Association awarded him their highest non-medical award and the March of Dimes named him their 1995 Citizen of the Year. Today, he serves as a Board Member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Strategic Statesman with an Unmatched Depth and Breadth on Global Issues

Noted internationally as an expert on world history, military issues, and international affairs, Speaker Gingrich serves as a Member of the Defense Policy Board. He is the longest-serving teacher of the Joint War Fighting course for Major Generals. He also teaches officers from all five services as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Professor at the National Defense University. Speaker Gingrich serves on the Terrorism Task Force for the Council on Foreign Relations. He is an Editorial Board Member of the Johns Hopkins University journal, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Recently, Speaker Gingrich was named co-Chair of the UN Task Force, a bi-partisan Congressional effort to reform the United Nations.



American Politics Today:  Unique Insights and Analysis of the Current Political Landscape

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is a veteran political strategist and one of the most respected and brilliant political minds today.   For more than three decades, Newt has showcased his uncommon intelligence, bi-partisan leadership experience, and solutions-oriented perspective which keeps national debate issues interesting and engaging.


In his presentations, he addresses our current political landscape, Hillary Clinton and each candidate’s chances, hot-topic legislation, and featured campaigns.  Gingrich also provides unique insights and discussions for: what Americans are seeking and wish to avoid in the next President; advantages/disadvantages of Governors versus Senators; How Congressional Republicans and President Obama will shape the election; and outside groups and the new dynamics of American elections.  As host of CNN Crossfire, Newt Gingrich led the discussion of these and many of America’s mainstream issues on the national stage.

Provocative Politics: A Candid Discussion with One of the World’s Most Distinguished Leaders

As one of the most respected and brilliant political minds of this generation, Newt Gingrich is a dynamic and powerful force on today’s geo-political landscape. He has been an inspiring leader in American politics for over three decades, with an uncommon intelligence and solution-oriented perspective that has kept the national debate lively and productive.

Galvanizing a grass-roots movement that propelled him to the forefront of one of the most hard-fought Presidential primary races ever, Speaker Gingrich energized and engaged voters around the country with his lucid discourse, sensible solutions, and an unrivaled wit. With vision and vibrancy, Speaker Gingrich shares his unparalleled experience and exceptional insight of current global and political issues with individuals and organizations to help guide them in these unprecedented, precarious times.

Patient Power: How Health Care Can and Will Change in the 21st Century

Newt Gingrich has long served as an ardent advocate of efficient, effective healthcare. He founded the Center for Health Transformation, envisioning the health care system of the future – one that is patient-centered, technologically-integrated, knowledge-intense and innovation-rich. With these smart, strategic reforms, healthcare can be transformed from an anchor on our economy to an engine; from a broken, fragmented system to a coordinated, innovative system that delivers more choices at lower cost for all Americans.

In this eye-opening presentation, Speaker Gingrich examines and illuminates the complexities and opportunities of our current healthcare system and how we can create a free market framework for healthcare, providing affordable, portable, and reliable healthcare coverage. He cogently explains how we can – and must --harness our vast entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation to build a 21st century health care system that empowers patients, focuses on the doctor-patient relationship, uses the best new science to save lives and save money, lowers medical costs, and improves the quality of life for every single American.

Leadership, Management, and Transformational Change in a Period of Dramatic Change

It is essential to have leadership that has a vision for the future, a set of values to guide the collective effort, management skills to focus resources effectively and a commitment to effectives in a time of constant transformation. Speaker Gingrich has studied Peter Drucker, Edwards Deming, the use of metrics and Lean Six Sigma. He has led profound change in the Congress and in government. He has also run four small businesses and co-authored with Nancy Desmond The Art of Transformation. Speaker Gingrich works on effective leadership, management and transformation in both the public and private sector.

The Global Economy, Jobs and What It Means for You: Current Perspectives on the Geo-Economic Landscape

America only works when Americans are working and American families and businesses deserve certainty and predictability. Drawing from the proven policies used when he was Speaker to balance the budget, pay down the debt, and create jobs, Speaker Gingrich offers a bold set of ideas and initiatives to free American entrepreneurs to invest and hire, stimulate growth and improve the quality of the U.S. workforce.

Speaker Gingrich was the only candidate in the race for the Republican nomination who had led a national movement to elect a Republican majority and then achieved substantial economic reforms of the federal government, including welfare reform, balanced budgets, and tax cuts. These historic reforms liberated the American people to create 11 million new jobs in just four years. In this provocative, enlightening discussion, Speaker Gingrich pulls from his 35-year career as a public figure advocating, explaining and achieving economic reforms in government to offer penetrating insight and astute perspective on today’s most vexing and vital geo-economic issues.

Smart Energy Today for Strength, Security and Sustainability Tomorrow

The United States has more energy resources than any other country in the world – more than Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, or Brazil. Expanding the development of these resources could create up to 1.1 million new jobs and deliver $127 billion in new government revenues by 2020, according to a recent Wood Mackenzie study. With the right regulatory policies, the United States could be the largest oil producer in the world by 2017.

Recognizing the transformative impact these resources possess, Speaker Gingrich presents a compelling approach to unleashing America’s full energy production potential, creating jobs, lowering gasoline and other energy prices, increasing government revenues and bolstering national security. He deftly illustrates the power of citizen action, such as the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition that resulted in the removal of the 25-year ban on offshore drilling and decreased gas prices to under $2 dollars a gallon. Informative and engaging, Speaker Gingrich offers pragmatic energy solutions that will drive the economy, lower prices and promote security and prosperity for all Americans, now and in the future.

The Global Perspective: Intelligence and Insight on World Events

Newt Gingrich has a deep understanding of the nuances of a world in constant flux, both economically and geo-politically. He draws on his experience as a statesman and champion of opportunity to analyze the international issues affecting you and your bottom line.

No one is better positioned than Speaker Gingrich to offer insights about the contemporary global challenges faced by organizations worldwide. An expert in terrorism, security, diplomacy and the global economy, Speaker Gingrich analyzes a myriad of world events including those in such pivotal countries as China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Iran as well as broader issues of globalization, foreign policy and free trade and investment. With force, clarity and brilliance, Speaker Gingrich informs and engages audiences worldwide on critical international issues.

The Coming Revolution in Military Affairs

There are several parallel revolutions in military affairs underway. They will reshape the battlefield and the nature of war in the 21st century as much or more than the airplane, the radio, and the tank changed the 20th century.

Countries which adapt to these new systems of power will survive much better than countries which ignore them. New patterns of military affairs include cyberwar, nanoscale science and technology, robotics, massive computational systems with wireless interfaces, biological developments (both positive and negative), electromagnetic pulse, lawfare, and the interaction of low-level violence with high-level communications.

Speaker Gingrich has a unique background to discuss this topic. He began working with the Army's Training and Doctrine Command in 1979, helped found the Military Reform Caucus in 1981, helped pass the Goldwater-Nichols reform legislation in 1986, helped create and then served on the Hart-Rudman Commission on National Security 1998-2001 and served as adviser on national security 2001-2006. He is the longest-serving teacher for one and two star admirals and generals at Capstone (National Defense University) and at the Joint War Fighting Course at the Air University (23 years).