Scott Shuster

Scott Shuster is the world's most respected leader of industry-specific management, technology, financial, and economic discussions.  For more than 15 years, Scott Shuster has been the chairman and discussion leader of the highly-respected CEO-only, CFO-only, and CIO-only summits held by BusinessWeek magazine.  He also leads BusinessWeek's full series of industry-specific and topic-specific events including Digital Economy, the Live! series, Smart Manufacturing and Telecom Summit programs, and many more.  Possessing a powerful combination of post-graduate academic achievement with an A-list journalistic background, Scott's engaging, discussion-driven sessions define business conference excellence and have made him the preferred choice to lead a wide range of business and governmental gatherings.


Scott Shuster undertakes a meticulous custom preparation for every event he leads, including extended research to ensure that he is prepared to discuss the most detailed industry- or company-specific issues; his presence on a client’s program brings an immediate atmosphere of objectivity and impartiality.  At the same time, Scott recognizes that every event is organized to address a particular set of communication objectives, and is why he meets with clients prior to each one in order to fully understand their goals and ensure that they are successfully achieved.

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Effectively Bringing Together World Leaders to Discuss Critical Issues

Scott Shuster has led hundreds of the world's most prominent gatherings of corporate, government and association leaders and senior executives, including meetings held in Brazil, China, France, Russia, Switzerland, the UK and the US.  He has served as advisor to the Davos Symposium of the World Economic Forum, chairman of the FBI's first post-9/11 conference on the corporate role in Homeland Security, and president of the annual Middle East Infrastructure Development Congress in Dubai.

In-Depth and Illuminating

Prior to joining BusinessWeek, Scott was a foreign correspondent for ABC News, reporting from over 40 countries for nearly a decade.  Scott's work for ABC News included stints in Pakistan and Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, Sudan, Chad, Zaire, Nigeria, Congo, India, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many other developing countries.  He was based in Geneva, Switzerland, where he covered banking, insurance, international organizations (including the WTO), and regional affairs.  Scott came to ABC News from National Public Radio, where he was one of the early producers of All Things Considered.  Scott is also a former editor at The Associated Press, and a newscaster and editor at The Voice of America.