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Dr. Debra Rowe has been a pioneering voice and leading advocate in sustainability education and initiatives for over 30 years.  She is President of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, which convenes members of the business, education, communities, government, and faith sectors of the U.S. and catalyzes sustainability initiatives.  At Oakland Community College, Dr. Rowe is a professor of energy management, renewable energy technology and psychology, focusing on harnessing energy from renewable sources in order to have a sustainable environment that will meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

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Distinguished Energy Education Innovator

Dr. Debra Rowe has been professor of renewable energies and energy management for nearly 30 years at Oakland Community College.  She won the State and Regional Professional Development Award from the Association of Energy Engineers for the curricula of the Environmental Systems Technology program.  She also created and teaches energy management and renewable energies in an on-line format with National Science Foundation support.  She also created an Energy Awareness Center at the college and has hosted many conferences and customized trainings on energy and sustainable design practices.

In-Demand Energy Efficiency and Technology Consultant

Dr. Rowe created a model energy services technician degree design for community and technical colleges, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Colleges around the country are currently utilizing the materials to develop their own programs. Dr. Rowe is the consultant to over twenty colleges, helping them incorporate energy and/or sustainability into their institutions' operations and curricula. Prior to joining OCC, Dr. Rowe owned a renewable energy and energy management company, conducting energy audits and designing/installing energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. She is on the education division board of the American Solar Energy Society.



Green is Good: The Case for Sustainability Education

Dr. Rowe is committed to helping higher education exert strong leadership in making education, research, and practice for a sustainable society a reality.  Here she explains her experience in securing acceptance and institutionalization of a sustainability curricula.

Green Construction: Designing and Building a Better Mousetrap

Dr. Rowe demonstrates how energy and sustainable design practices help save resources, money and the environment.

Creating a Better and More Sustainable Future: Opportunities and Resources

Dr. Rowe delivers the message that sustainability enables people to develop the knowledge, values and skills to participate in decisions that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future.

Sustainability on Campus: A Green Transformation

Dr. Rowe works with educational institutions across the country to integrate the sustainability worldview into all levels of formal education.  She helps them incorporate sustainability into mission, curricula, research, student life, purchasing and investments, facilities and operations, and community partnerships.