Vince Poscente

An acclaimed author, a leading business consultant and a former Olympian, Vince Poscente is power of speed personified.  Restless in his role as a traditional "company man," Poscente defied all odds when, at age 30, he decided to pursue his dream of Olympic gold and competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics. Racing at an incredible 135 mph on skis, Poscente set the Canadian national record in speed skiing and forever cemented his reputation in Olympic history.

Dispelling the notion that in today's world people need to cope with rather than thrive from their current circumstances, Poscente illustrates how harnessing the speed of change becomes a competitive advantage.  Through powerful examples and edge-of-the-seat stories, audiences are energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

ABOUT Vince Poscente   (+/-)

Inspirational Message, Practical and Proven Techniques

A highly-sought consultant and Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Vince Poscente is the founder of Be Invinceable Group. With his infectious energy, warmth, and humor, Poscente makes each keynote speech and consulting engagement as memorable as it is valuable.

Igniting Peak Performance

Combining lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience with leadership insights from his highly successful business career, Vince has developed a series of proven strategies for attaining and sustaining peak performance on both an individual and corporate level. Audiences learn how to apply his time-tested techniques to ignite their vision, execute their strategies, and eclipse their competition.



Down to Business, Up to Speed

Thrive in a more-faster-now world with alignment, agility and efficiency. Vince Poscente uses his signature wit and wisdom in his unforgettable "recreational skier to Olympics in four years" story.  Give your audience an invigorating perspective that reveals:

  • Leadership strategies for aligning employees with a common mission
  • Competitive agility by "doing what the competition is not willing to do"
  • Eliminating drag on the micro (individual) and macro (team) scales
  • Hands-on-tools to accelerate results in a slowing economy
  • Practical motivation with an against the odds story of "recreational skier to Olympics in four years"
  • Energized fun with Vince's infectious energy, warmth and humor; Vince delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience

Renowned business strategist on accelerating change and New York Times bestselling author, Vince Poscente is a master communicator. He knows how to get an audience's attention with practical information made memorable with his unforgettable story.

The Age of Speed

At the core of Poscente's message about embracing speed is the claim that the continued acceleration of business and life is inevitable. If we cannot stop it, perhaps we should consider putting it to work for us. On a mass scale, we have developed a peculiar love-hate relationship with speed: though we want more, faster, now, we have adopted a mindset that speed is corrosive. In effect, we have decided that though we want speed, we do not like it. Poscente turns that perspective upside down and challenges audiences not to resist acceleration, but instead to turn the momentum of its inevitable rush to their advantage.

Vince shares the research he did for his New York Times best-selling book about how companies and individuals are responding in different ways to the speed of business today.

  • Jets - very agile companies that harness the speed of business and turn it to their advantage
  • Bottle Rockets - companies that embrace speed, are going fast but are not smart about it
  • Zeppelins - companies that resist the speed of business
  • Balloons - companies that have chosen to live outside the age of speed - they don't seek it and they don't need to

Unraveling the notion that in today's world we need to slow down, Poscente illustrates why harnessing the power of speed is the ultimate solution for those seeking less stress, less busyness, and more balance.

Bounce Faster, Bounce Farther

A new keynote designed to help audience members reinvent, reignite and rejuvenate in the business of life. Vince Poscente switches setback into set-free . "All you have to do is bounce."