Kent Moors

Dr. Kent Moors is an internationally recognized expert in oil/natural gas policy and finance as well as global risk management. He has advised leaders at the highest levels of six world governments, several US states and Canadian provinces, as well as corporations and international banks in 25 countries.  He has presented to hundreds of audiences in 46 countries, served as an expert commentator in more than 1,500 TV and radio appearances worldwide and is a regular energy analyst on Fox Business Network.

Due to his vast expertise, acumen and experience, Moors currently holds a myriad of diverse senior management and advisory positions for various global organizations.  As a professor in the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy at Duquesne University, he is the founder and director of the Energy Policy Research Group, providing analysis and recommendations on a range of energy issues. He is president of ASIDA Inc., advising clients worldwide on the oil and natural gas markets. He pioneered new approaches to combating organizational and global risk as executive managing partner of Risk Management Associates International.  Most recently, as director of WorldTrade Executive's Russian-Caspian Special Projects Division, Moors has brought together more than 900 specialists throughout the former Soviet Union and Central Asia to allow rapid responses to regional energy and financial developments.


ABOUT Kent F. Moors, Ph.D.   (+/-)

Distinguished Authority on Global Energy Issues

Dr. Kent Moors is the executive managing partner of Risk Management Associates, International, LLP [RMAI], a full service global management consulting and executive training firm.  His clients have included six of the world's top ten oil companies as well as major transnational banks, investment firms and holding companies.  In addition to his position with RMAI, Moors is president of ASIDA, Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in Russian, CIS, Caspian, and other developing market hydrocarbon and financial strategies.  While there, Moors has created and advised international joint ventures, structured offshore and multinational financing packages, negotiated international contracts and fiduciary agreements and directed emerging market research and development (R&D) projects.

Noted Scholar, Effective Educator, Exceptional Leader

Moors is also a professor in the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy at Duquesne University, where he directs the Energy Policy Research Group and has developed international educational programs, run training sessions for agencies of the US government and served as an external implications consultant to ongoing policy areas having high levels of uncertainty. He is particularly known among public and private sector policy makers for providing targeted political, market and risk assessments in crises or rapidly changing environments. Until revisions in US policy, Moors was slated to be the deputy director of the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) in Baghdad.



Managing the Coming Oil Shock

The global market continues to struggle as it slowly moves out of the worst recession in 80 years. While the recovery will be gradual, the rises in oil prices are already accelerating. Regional impacts will vary, but one thing is already clear: there is insufficient supply to meet the returning demand. In an eye-opening and engaging presentation, Dr. Moors applies his decades of international experience in advising governments and corporations to the question of what we must do to meet this latest crisis. 

Protecting Integrity: Avoiding Risk in the Global Marketplace

Developing and implementing an integrated plan to combat global market risk is an essential component of any organizational plan, especially during the current unstable market. Yet, less than 20 percent of corporations or public sector entities have any risk-management approach to protect their reputation. Without a plan, organizational identity is in jeopardy and that could prove fatal. As executive managing partner of Risk Management Associates International, Dr. Moors has pioneered innovative and interactive approaches to manage a wide range of risk elements -- from political and economic to fiduciary, trading and reputational. In his presentations, workshops and seminars for corporate and government leaders worldwide, he discusses the development of successful risk management strategies, why risk considerations must integrate into strategic planning, the essential unique problems presented by international market entry and how to protect institutional reputation in the process.