Cam Marston has spent more than a decade studying workforce dynamics, with a keen focus on how generational biases play out from the stock room to the boardroom. One of a handful of experts dedicated to conquering the generational divide, Cam has shared his insight with hundreds of organizations eager to make sense of the changing business landscape.

Through captivating, compelling presentations, Cam shares his personal experience, research findings and proven strategies for successfully navigating a multi-generational business world. His powerful message of generational context promotes understanding and motivates leaders to adapt their management styles to meet the needs of the rising generations in the workforce - while staying true to their own values.

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Closing the Gap on the Generational Divide

Consultant, author, and speaker Cam Marston has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses throughout the world to improve multigenerational relations and communications.  Since 1996, when he began revealing the effects of generational bias in the workforce, Cam has created a strong following as clients repeatedly bring him back to reach further and deeper within their organizations. His message of understanding and respect resonates at all levels and clients such as General Electric and American Express have engaged Cam to inform both management and staff about the importance generational views have on sales, hiring, retention and overall performance - the core issues companies tackle on a daily basis.

Multi-Faceted Experience to Tackle Issues

Cam's presentations are continually met with rave reviews, not only for his engaging style, but his ability to tailor the message to a specific industry or organizational dilemma. With a professional background in sales and research, Cam understands the reality of business from many angles - and his presentations demonstrate this with action-oriented solutions to recurring business problems. Cam effectively delivers tactical guidelines that help individuals and organizations improve the performance of all generations in the workforce today.



Leadership and Teamwork: Four Generations in the Workplace

For the first time in history, four distinct generations are employed sided by side in the workplace. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views on leadership, these generations have stirred up unprecedented conflict in the business world. Effective management of this generational divide is vital to every organization's longevity and success. What are each generation's core values? What do they expect of their leaders and how do they define success? In this engaging program, Cam Marston answers these questions and much more. Audiences will learn how each generation developed its core values, how that manifests in the workplace today, and why they can all not only operate alongside each other, but do so with extraordinary success. This program provides the generational insight, concrete examples and specific approaches to help frustrated managers build the individual connections needed to boost employee performance and retention. Attendees will walk away knowing the common generational characteristics, specific leadership needs of each generation, the new definition of company loyalty, and fresh guidelines for team building.

Sales & Customer Loyalty: Selling Across the Generations

The first rule of selling is steadfast: know your customer. With four distinct generations playing active roles in the buying decisions of companies worldwide, that tenet is increasingly difficult to fulfill. It is no longer enough to be personable and knowledgeable about your product. To succeed in today's business climate, you need to approach each buyer with an informed generational perspective - recognizing the underlying biases, values and expectations that pave the way to "yes." Cam looks inside each generation's core values to identify what forms their buying decisions and gives audiences the understanding required to develop a solid sales process, based on known generational biases and business preferences. Attendees will learn to identify subtle shifts that indicate upcoming leadership changes, create a fast and genuine connection with new customers, sell to their customers' expectations, build trust between the generations, highlight appropriate product selling points for each customer, and avoid common communication pitfalls. Cam uses examples to show how some companies today are effectively engaging generational marketing techniques to appeal to the unique decision making traits of each generation and prepare their sales teams for success in today's marketplace.

Attracting and Retaining a New Generation of Employees - Management & Human Resources

Good talent is hard to find. And even harder to keep. With company loyalty increasingly considered a comedic punch line rather than a standard employee trait, knowing how to identify, attract and retain the very best talent may seem impossible. Generational DNA plays a huge role in the changing workforce dynamic. Understanding it unlocks the secret to selecting the right candidates and encouraging employee loyalty - both essential to business survival. The four generations in the workplace bring to the office their own distinct biases about loyalty, leadership, time, and productivity. Cam has studied these biases and their effects on attracting and retaining good employees. He shares this insight and provides specific examples of how every organization can create an environment that attracts the best talent and fosters, rather than discourages, employee loyalty. Audiences learn to identify the best prospects, create compelling employment offers by age group, meet the long and short term goals of each generation, understand the motivating factors for each employee and become the kind of boss employees want to serve. Every level of leadership plays a key role in attracting and keeping the very best. By discovering how to create the workplace that each generation prefers, your company will reap the rewards in consistent transfer of knowledge, increased productivity and decreased turnover.

Change: From We to Me and Back Again

Throughout history, Western societies have shifted focus back and forth from the needs of the group to the needs of the individual. Invariably, this shift follows economic trends. Affluence promotes individual happiness and self-centered desires while downturns bring about the group rally cry. Today's economy indicates a potential shift in both product and service demands from customers, and leadership demands from employees as the pendulum may be swinging from today's me-centric society back to a group mindset. What can your business do to prepare?

In this presentation, Cam Marston brings the audience on a pictorial walk through history to demonstrate how egocentric thinking shifts with the times and to highlight the effects these changes had on businesses at the time. This presentation also looks at what companies did to survive these pendulum swings and how today's businesses can learn from the successes and mistakes of the past. In the program you will learn:

  • How history and economic trends correlate to consumer desires
  • Where to look for indications of a change in trends
  • How different generations react to these pendulum swings
  • What industry leaders have done to weather the changes, both internal and customer-focused
  • How to approach a change in consumer desires so that your business can survive
  • What you can do to lead your employees through these changes