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Mark Spitz won a total of 11 Olympic medals in 1968 and 1972. After winning two gold medals in the 1968 Olympics in relay events and a silver and bronze in his individual events, Mark knew he had to do more to prove he was the greatest swimmer in the world.  He returned four years later to win 7 gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics—and set the world record for the most medals won in a single Olympic games.  Mark held his record for 36 years, before Michael Phelps broke it in 2008. From 1965-1972, Mark set 33 world records and was named “World Swimmer of the Year” three times.

Mark is also one of the most decorated athletes outside the Olympics. He was voted “Athlete of the Century” in water sports and one of six greatest Olympians ever by Sports Illustrated. Recently, the International Olympic Committee selected Mark as one of five “Athletes of the Century.”

ABOUT Mark Spitz   (+/-)

A Winner Inside and Outside the Pool

Following his astounding performance at the 1972 Olympics, Mark Spitz retired. He went on to a career as a successful financial advisor and motivational speaker.  Mark attempted a much-heralded comeback in 1992. He bested his times from 1972 but failed to qualify for the Olympics. And although he’s no longer sporting his famous mustache, Mark remains one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.



The Olympic Dream & Spirit

An outstanding motivational speaker, Mark Spitz always inspires his audiences to transcend their perceived capabilities. He shows how and what he did to realize his Olympian dreams—and relates them to endless possibilities of living the Olympic spirit for everyone. 

The Olympic Champion in Everyone

Why do people hold back from becoming the best they can be, in becoming happy and fulfilled, contributing at work and giving back to community? Mark Spitz demystifies the Olympian perception and shows how anyone can become a champ—with family, at work, at play and in building community.