Arthur Levitt

The 25th and longest-serving Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Arthur Levitt is widely hailed as the champion of the individual investor.  Throughout his tenure at the Commission, Chairman Levitt worked to educate, empower, and protect America's investors - now more than 50 million strong.

He created the Office of Investor Education and Assistance and established the Commission's website (, which allows the public free and easy access to corporate filings and investor education materials.  Now as a Senior Advisor at the Carlyle Group, he is sought out by top management for his invaluable insight and strategic counsel on complex business matters and financial issues.

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Fighting to Protect Investors on All Fronts

Arthur Levitt was the 25th Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. First appointed by President Clinton in July 1993, the President reappointed Chairman Levitt to a second five-year term in May 1998. On September 9, 1999, he became the longest serving Chairman of the Commission.  Throughout his tenure, investor protection was Chairman Levitt's top priority, which resulted in several SEC hallmarks including: improving the quality of the financial reporting process, maintaining the independence of auditors, saving investors billions of dollars by reducing spreads in the Nasdaq market, promoting the use of plain English, requiring that important information be released to all investors simultaneously, fighting Internet fraud, and cleaning up the municipal bond market.

Distinguished Financial Leader and Advisor

Before joining the Commission, Mr. Levitt owned Roll Call, a newspaper that covers Capitol Hill. From 1989 to 1993, he served as the Chairman of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and from 1978 to 1989, he was the Chairman of the American Stock Exchange. Prior to joining the Amex, Mr. Levitt worked for 16 years on Wall Street.  He is presently Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group, Promontory Financial Group, and WisdomTree, is on the board of Bloomberg LLP and RiskMetrics Group, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.



The Current Economic Climate: Observation, Analysis and Discussion

As past Chairman of the SEC and a current advisor for the Carlyle Group, Arthur Levitt has a unique vantage point from which to observe and analyze today's economic environment.  In this fascinating presentation, Chairman Levitt provides an unparalleled look and his exceptional insight into the drivers of the current situation, the effects of government activities and what the future holds for corporations, individual investors and the American people.

Take On the Street: How to Fight For Your Financial Future

For the past decade, investors have been fed lies and distortions as well as exploited and neglected.  In this compelling discussion, former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt shows how you can take matters into your own hands. At once anecdotal, informative, and prescriptive, his "Take on The Street" presentation expounds on various financial subjects and the specific steps you can take to safeguard your financial future.  With integrity and authority, Levitt provides a bracing primer on the collapse of the system for overseeing our capital markets, and sage, essential advice on a discipline we often ignore to our peril-how not to lose money.