Willie Jolley

Willie Jolley is an award-winning speaker, singer, acclaimed author and national media personality.  He is the host of the national radio program, "The Willie Jolley Weekend Show", on XM Radio and has a syndicated daily feature, "The Willie Jolley Motivational Minute," that is heard in over 50 markets.  His two bestselling books, It Only Takes a Minute to Change Your Life! and A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback have been translated into eight languages.  Willie's mission in life is to help people maximize their natural talents and abilities so they can "Do More, Be More and Achieve More!"

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Distinguished Speaker

Willie Jolley's passion, enthusiasm and compelling motivational message have earned him numerous awards and accolades in the speaker industry.  In 1999, he was named "One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World" by Toastmasters International as well as "Motivational/Inspirational Speaker of the Year."  He also holds the two top designations of the National Speakers Association: the CPAE/ Speaker Hall of Fame Award; and the CSP, the Certified Speaking Profession designation.  In addition, the McDonald's Corporation named him "A Black History Maker of Today" in 2003.

Multi-Talented Entertainer

In addition to his international bestselling books, Willie Jolley is also an award-winning singer. He is a Five Time Washington Area Music Association (WAMMIE) Award Winning singer for "Best Jazz Singer" and "Best Entertainer". In 2007, his 'Jolley' music CD was the number one Motivational Music digital download on iTunes and was a top seller across America.  Willie can also be seen on television with his new American Public Television special, Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks With Willie Jolley.



An Attitude of Excellence: 5 Simple Steps For 5 Star Success

"5 Simple Steps To 5 Star Success" is Willie Jolley's answer to the age-old question: "What secrets help "5 star" organizations create consistent success?  What are they doing that we need to start doing  - NOW?!"   Willie Jolley's answers come from his work with leading decision makers, spanning more than a decade.  In the professional development field, he has helped leaders get their people to believe they can triumph in the face of changing leadership, attitudes and market conditions. While working with "5 star" organizations-- companies that grow their people, performance and profits exponentially-- Willie Jolley realized there were consistent, specific strategies (which he later came to call "simple steps") that always co-exist with "5 star" operations.   They are called "simple steps" for they are available to all, but practiced poorly and inconsistently in the market place.  These "simple steps" create "an incredible program that mixes leadership, change management, teambuilding and customer service... all into one program.

How To Stage A Stellar Comeback ...When Life, The Economy Or Your Competition Deals You A Setback

In this exclusive presentation, Willie Jolley shares techniques, ideas, principles and strategies on how to turn setbacks into comebacks.  This program is based on his collection of stories, taken from his best selling book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback.  Willie Jolley highlights what ordinary people did to comeback from overwhelming adversity.  Furthermore, he He hexplains how to apply these principles to life's trials and tribulations to achieve success.  Do you view your setback as the "end" of the road or just a "bend in the road?"  This program will inspire, inform, motivate and educate your attendees to use Willie Jolley's specific strategies to comeback from professional and personal challenges.

How To Be Unstoppable: Leadership and Achievement

Willie Jolley believes leadership is an action not a position.  He reminds us that great leaders always focus on the possibilities rather than the challenges. Great leaders are willing to do whatever is necessary rather than doing what is comfortable.  Leaders look to develop more leaders rather than more followers.  Willie Jolley takes you on a memorable roller coaster ride of why you must develop the leader within you and then gives you the steps for getting it done.  It requires sweat equity, but so does anything of great achievement.

Change Is Good When Your Attitude is Great: How To Re-Charge Your Team to Win, Even In Changing Times

Change Happens!  Life Happens! Stuff Happens!  Willie Jolley uses this program, to sell the audience on a positive perspective of change.  Change is essential to any growth process. Everybody wants progress, but nobody wants to change.  Yet, progress always necessitates change.  So change is the key to progress.   Willie Jolley shares his "VDAD Formula" (Vision, Decision, Action and Desire) for successfully embracing change.  When audeinces leave this program, Willie Jolley will have them viewing change as an ally - not an enemy!  They will leave ready to implement the formula to drive change. 

Excellence...Is the Best Job Security!

 "The best way to build your future is to build yourself.  And the best way to build your organization is to build your people."                                               Willie Jolley                        With ongoing corporate downsizing, restructuring and repurposing, employees are well aware that job security does not exist.  Yet, there are specific enhancements in your attitude and aptitude skills that can keep you in high demand.