James Champy is a leading global authority on the management issues surrounding business reengineering, organizational change, and corporate renewal. He consults extensively with senior-level executives of multinational companies seeking to improve business performance. His approach centers on helping leaders achieve business results through four distinct yet overlapping areas: business strategy, management and operations, organizational development and change, and information technology.

Champy is Chairman Emeritus of the consulting practice at Dell Perot Systems.  At Dell, he was responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance to the company’s team of business and management consultants.  He is also co-author of Reengineering the Corporation, the legendary best-seller translated into 17 languages and spending over a year on the New York Times Best-Seller List.  Champy’s latest book, Reengineering Health Care, A Manifesto for Radically Rethinking Health Care Delivery, has received wide critical acclaim and become a popular guide for navigating the implications of recent health care reform legislation.  Consistently rated as a top speaker for his insightful analysis and engaging style, Champy provides audiences with practical tools for real results.

ABOUT Jim Champy   (+/-)

Experienced Business Leader Driving Exceptional Growth

Prior to joining Dell, Champy was Chairman and CEO of CSC Index, the management consulting arm of Computer Science Corporation. He was one of the original founders of Index, a $200 million consulting practice that was acquired by CSC in 1988. Under Champy, the company’s consulting practice grew at a rate of 25 percent a year.

Acclaimed Author, Management Guru

Champy is the author or co-author of eight top-selling business titles including Reengineering Management, recognized by Business Week as one of the best business books of the year.  With Professor Nitin Nohria of the Harvard Business School, Champy penned two books: The Arc of Ambition: Defining the Leadership Journey and Fast Forward: The Best Ideas on Managing Business Change. He is a frequent guest on TV and radio news programs and his columns and articles regularly appear in publications such as Forbes, ComputerWorld, Sales and Marketing Management, Leader to Leader, and Baseline.



Reengineering Health Care

In his legendary book, Reengineering the Corporation, Jim Champy introduced businesspeople to the enormous power of a revolutionary methodology called reengineering. Using reengineering, businesses around the world have systematically retooled their processes–achieving dramatic cost savings, greater customer satisfaction, and more value.

Now, Champy demonstrates how to apply the proven reengineering methodology in health care: throughout physician practices, hospitals, and even entire health systems. Audiences will hear about innovative and visionary leaders who’ve been successfully reengineering organizations across the entire delivery spectrum and learn powerful lessons for improving quality, reducing costs, and expanding access.  This presentation doesn’t just demonstrate the immense potential of health care reengineering to revolutionize health care delivery: it offers a clear roadmap for realizing that potential in your own organization.

How People and Process Combine to Innovate

In this energizing, engaging presentation, Jim Champy shows audiences how to achieve breakthrough growth through consistent innovation. Champy reveals the surprising, counterintuitive lessons learned by companies that have achieved super-high growth for at least three straight years. Drawing on the strategies of some of today’s best “high velocity” companies, he identifies powerful ways to compete in even the roughest marketplace. Audiences will discover how to find distinctive market positions and sustainable advantages in products, services, delivery methods, and unexpected customers with unexpected needs.

There is not much new in management but there is a lot new in business.

Audiences will learn:

-          How to uncover new business ideas that create extraordinary value

-          How to find opportunities that no one else has seen

-          How to innovate by simplifying complexity

-          How to engage partners to create more value

-          How to sustain innovation

Inspiring Customers, Building Advocates

Jim Champy takes on the challenge of inspiring customers—even in tough times. In an era of commoditization and ever less loyal customers, this presentation shows how to keep customers coming back.

Drawing on dozens of original case studies from companies in a variety of industries, new and old, Champy reveals how to define a consistent value proposition customers will be passionate about—and will stay passionate about. Audiences will learn how to engage a new generation of customers who value transparency and authenticity above all...how to reinvigorate their company in the face of brutally tough and creative competition...how to go beyond mere marketing campaigns to lead crusades customers want to join.

Champy gives businesses actionable solutions to one of the most challenging problems they currently face: making customers stick.

Operational Excellence: How to Attain, Maintain and Profit from It

As the author of one of the most successful business book of the last decade, Jim Champy is a pioneer on the issue most critical in business today: achieving dramatic performance improvements. This presentation provides audiences with an effective roadmap to review, restructure and redesign company processes, organization, and culture to achieve a quantum leap in performance.

Audiences will learn:

-          How to find resources to innovate, even in hard times

-          How to achieve efficiency and quality at the same time

-          What are the models for executing major change

-          Does management style matter

-          How to manage highly complex business initiatives