Art Holst

A legend in the speaking industry, Art Holst's broad background provides the foundation for his messages spiced with inspiration, humor, and poetry.  Art has been a soldier, a salesman, a businessman, and a civic leader as well as an official for the NFL, a position he affectionately refers to as a "Sunday Zebra." He's packed a "heap of living" in his life and he offers lessons from it in his fascinating presentations.

ABOUT Art Holst   (+/-)

A Master of Leading Diverse Teams

Art Holst-- the "Pro-on-the-Go" -- is a man with a rich background in business, sports and civic affairs. Art was a top salesman in the building materials industry for 10 years. For 12 years, he worked as Administrator of the Forest Park Foundation, developing programs aimed at community betterment. As an infantry captain in World War II, he learned how to educate, train and motivate troops to react to challenging times. He was also a member of the Economic Security Committee of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Inside the NFL: True Tales and Tactics from the Field

However, Art is best known for his humor and as a "Sunday Zebra" officiating for the National Football League for 15 years. He officiated four Championship games and two Super Bowls. His close-up view of pro football provides anecdotes, lore and lessons that never fail to captivate an audience. These, plus a sincere, enthusiastic interest in people and a broad business background, provide the foundation for his messages of inspiration, always spiced with clean, rib-tickling humor.



The Challenge of Excellence

Making changes and problems work FOR you in your business. Creating and developing a TEAM that recognizes and respects the "Dignity of Difference" in the various talents needed in any vibrant organization or business.

Scoring Touchdowns in Selling

Rapid paced presentation comparing the game of football to the "game" of selling.  How to relate product features to benefits, and conscientious customer service.  Packed with good ideas and lots of humor.

Funny Thing About Football

A humorous talk comparing football to life with appropriate anecdotes from Art's 15 years as a National Football League official.

Effective Communication: The Key to Success

How to communicate better through the spoken or written word. Painting word "pictures" using similes and metaphors. More problems are created by mis-communications than any other one thing and this presentation helps enable people to get the message intended across to others.