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Dan Abrams is the Legal Analyst for ABC News, a substitute anchor for Good Morning America, and the host of Discovery ID’s “Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams.” Prior to 2011, Dan was at NBC for 15 years as, among other things, a reporter for NBC Nightly News, host on MSNBC, and Chief Legal Correspondent for NBC News. From 2006 to late 2007, Dan served as General Manager of MSNBC, where he presided over a period of unprecedented growth, with ratings and profits each increasing well over 50% during his tenure. During that time Dan was also a member of the NBC Universal President’s Council.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Abrams Research, a firm dedicated to helping clients develop their social media strategy, improve businesses' relationships with their consumers, and drive traffic to their web properties. He is also the publisher and founder of eight web properties: Mediaite, a news and media website; Geekosystem, covering tech and geek culture; Styleite, which covers beauty and fashion; Sportsgrid, which follows sports and sports-related media, Gossip Cop, which monitors false reporting in the celebrity gossip industry; The Mary Sue, a site for female geeks, and The Jane Dough, a site devoted to women's career and business news and The Braiser, devoted to following celebrity chefs. Together, the Abrams Media Network serves close to 10 million unique visitors per month.

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Trusted Perspectives on Today’s Legal Headlines

Dan Abrams began his career at NBC Sports in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics and Wimbledon. His primary duties included making coffee runs, icing sodas and keeping certain anchor positions dust-free.  Nearly a decade later, Abrams joined NBC News as a general assignment correspondent in 1997 and quickly became a regular contributor to NBC Nightly News, Today, and Dateline NBC – roles in which he still continues today.  From June 2006 to October 2007, Abrams served as General Manager of MSNBC, during which time ratings grew by 62%.  Prior to his management appointment, Abrams hosted The Abrams Report, a nightly legal affairs program, and later hosted Verdict with Dan Abrams.

Intelligent Observation, Shrewd Analysis

Prior to joining NBC News, Abrams served as an anchor and reporter for Court TV.  He covered the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trials from Los Angeles, the International War Crimes Tribunal from The Netherlands and the assisted-suicide trials of Dr. Kevorkian from Michigan.  An accomplished writer, Abrams has had articles published in, among others: The New York Times, American Lawyer, and the Yale Law and Policy Review. He also writes a monthly legal column for Men’s Health magazine.



Obama and The Law

A provocative, enlightening discussion of President Obama and his complex relationship with the courts, Congress and the law.  Dan Abrams highlights the intricate nature of this dynamic including the power and influence – and limits thereof – of his administration on judicial and legal matters and the role of politics within the nation’s third branch of government. Abrams will reveal the backstage maneuvering, the political strategizing and the extraordinary impact of federal court decisions on our everyday lives.

Behind the Bench

Based on the many dramatic cases he has covered throughout his career, Dan Abrams will take you behind the scenes of some of the biggest trials in recent memory including: O.J. Simpson, Amanda Knox, Dr. Kirk Kevorkian, Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson. Abrams also examines the extraordinary changes in recent years and the important role of television and the media in initiating and sustaining these events.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

The media landscape has experienced a revolution having profound implications for how businesses reach their customers. While the traditional objectives of businesses remain the same – to build brand identity, develop customer loyalty, and communicate with investors – social media has introduced powerful new, cost-effective tools to achieve these age-old goals. Dan's firm Abrams Research has become a social media leader, advising top corporations on how to adapt to this shifting landscape in order to not just survive, but thrive, in these challenging times. Abrams presentation is a must for any business trying to make social media work for them.

Effective Media Strategy: Breaking Through the Clutter

Dan Abrams offers audiences his unparalleled level of specialized expertise as a trusted media advisor and attorney who ran one of America's most significant media businesses. His years of experience as a legal reporter and anchor uniquely position him to unite legal and corporate communications strategies and provide astute insight into how relevant media will best respond to any strategy, campaign, product, initiative or crisis.